10 years of Minecraft success: a lesson for indie developers

Minecraft is not just a legendary game, it’s a cultural phenomenon. Having appeared in 2010, it instantly became popular and is still among the top games. We’ve analyzed the Minecraft team’s path to success, promotion strategy, and relevant metrics. What can game developers learn from the Minecraft case? Is there a universal secret to success? And how can one stay popular for ten years?  Minecraft release  Minecraft was originally an indie project developed by Markus Persson, for whom programming was just a hobby. In 2009, he was into Infiniminer. In it, you could gain resources in a limited time frame. Soon enough, the project ceased to exist and its source code was published. After that, clone games began to appear. Marcus’s game called Cave Game was one of them. Its gameplay developed rapidly, and then the project changed its name for Minecraft.  Markus Persson on the game concept: «Back before anyone knew who I was, I used to wanted to make huge games. Games where you can do anything and everything you see is there for a reason. No fake doors that don’t lead anywhere, no trees you can’t cut down, and no made-up story being told to the player […]