Animal Crossing New Horizons Habits We are All Guilty Of

Animal Crossing New Horizons, the 5th game in the franchise, is the most popular one yet. It boomed during the global lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The fanbase for the life-simulation game grew exponentially, with popular YouTubers as well as celebrities like Brie Larson getting hooked.

This game tries to replicate real life as much as possible, including setting the weather according to the player’s location.

However, just like in real life, players have developed some bad habits within the game as well. Here are some things that most Animal Crossing New Horizons players are guilty of doing!


Bad habits Animal Crossing New Horizons players have

Storage Hoarding

Storing more than we need is not a habit limited to real life. Most players store and hoard way more material than they will ever need. Starting from furniture to fashion items, most of the players’ storage is full of unnecessary items.

Furthermore, ever since the game added more storage space for players, this problem has become worse. While the temptation might be difficult to resist, one could try to limit what they store.

Being Fickle-minded with Villagers

Players can choose the villagers that they want on their islands. However, when they acquire the villagers they want, they can sometimes decide that they want different villagers.

Acquiring villagers requires players to time travel and do other time-consuming things. Therefore, when players decide to go for different villagers after acquiring some, it seems like a huge waste of time.

Choosing villagers with a level head may save you a lot more time than going villager hunting every once in a while.

Time Traveling

Players often time travel to acquire things that they need, or just to change their setting. However, while it may not be harmless, they can slowly get addicted to doing this, simply because it’s so easy to do.

The problem with time travel is that players cannot enjoy the game organically. Therefore, it is best if players avoid time travel unless absolutely necessary.

Most New Horizons players also do things like hoarding flowers and leaving projects unfinished, which add to the list of bad habits.

While these habits are practically harmless, they can impair the fun of the gaming experience for the players. Which of these habits are you guilty of? Let us know in the comments section.


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