‘Absolute Morons’: Analyst Calls Out Kentucky Wildcats Fans for Rooting Against John Calipari

The are having a season to forget and they’ve lost three straight games. It hasn’t been easy on anyone, and fans are wildly calling for the program to fire long-time head coach John Calipari, but not everybody rooting for the ‘Big Blue Nation’ would agree.

Kentucky Wildcats fans rooting against Calipari are ‘morons’, says analyst

Jeff Goodman is one of the most renowned names in , and he’s an analyst who works with ‘Stadium.’ Goodman covers all things related to college hoops, and he is not pleased by the fact that Kentucky fans want Calipari out! 

“Yeah, I’m gonna call them out later today, in which I will call these Big Blue Nation blowhards who are calling for his dismissal and his departure absolute morons, which is what you are, if you think you want out,” Goodman told Rob Dauster on ‘.’

John Calipari is an esteemed coach who has held his position as the head coach of the Wildcats since 2009. Furthermore, he’s one of the longest-serving coaches in college basketball, but fans are with Kentucky’s poor run of form this season. 

Goodman details why it is falling apart for the Cats this season

Jeff Goodman’s profession is to break down college games and analyze how the teams are performing. Here’s what he had to say to fans who are against Calipari, as success is hard to come by for the team in Lexington. 

“So, listen, you’re not gonna do better than Calipari. This year is an absolute shit show. But ultimately, it is a kind of a throwaway year in a sense, if you’re going to have a year like this, have it now if you’re Kentucky,” Goodman mentioned. 

Kentucky Wildcats John Calipari during the game against Morehead StateNov 25, 2020; Lexington, Kentucky, USA; Kentucky Wildcats head coach John Calipari yells to his team in the second half of the game against Morehead State at Rupp Arena at Central Bank Center. Mandatory Credit: Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports

It might seem like hasty talk, but it should be noted that no professional team in the world enjoys success without facing a hurdle in between. The Kentucky Wildcats have been consistent for years, but the 2020/21 season has been a downhill ride so far. 

“Bottom line is, you’ve made some mistakes in recruiting. I think Cal has gotten a little bit lazy on the recruiting trail and I think this will absolutely wake him up. But again, you’re not doing better than John Calipari,” Goodman added. 

The Wildcats’ previous coach before Calipari took over was Billy Clyde Gillispie, and he didn’t perform a stellar job with the team. But John Calipari has set a such high benchmark since taking over, but it has now come to backfire against him. 

The Kentucky Wildcats are now 4-9 in the season, and their recent loss to the Georgia Bulldogs was a shocker. Can they bounce back from their poor run of form?

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