Twitch Clarifies Stance Over Providing Reasons for Bans; Proves Dr Disrespect Knows Why He Got Banned

On June 26, 2020, the gaming community was in for a shock as streaming platform Twitch banned one of its most popular creators. When Dr Disrespect received the notification of the ban, it was the most ambiguous one Twitch had ever handed. It failed to give a single reason so as to why it chose to ban the creator.

With a ban on a personality as huge as Dr Disrespect, one would expect there would have been an official announcement. However, without one, fans came to various conclusions.

Dr Disrespect Esports TournamentLOS ANGELES, CA – JULY 13: Gamer Dr DisRespect gets interviewed at the Twitch Prime and PUBG Battlegrounds Squad Showdown gaming event on July 13, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)

With , fans assumed that Twitch has to terminate his contract to make room for other big streamers. This was the time when Twitch welcomed Ninja and Shroud back, following their return from Mixer.

‘Two Time’ has been mum on why the Twitch denied him the right to stream on the platform. On multiple occasions, Doc has conveyed that he himself behind his Twitch ban.

However, previously, popular streamer Ninja mentioned that Doc must behind his Twitch ban. Now, according to clarification from Twitch, reports suggest that Dr Disrespect very well knows why he can no longer feature on Twitch, even indirectly.

Twitch sent out emails clarifying all its bans, including one to Dr Disrespect

from recently posted a tweet about how Twitch’s banning system works. According to his tweet, the streaming platform sends out emails to every streamer they deny access to. Moreover, the email includes a detailed reason to why these streamers can no longer stream on the platform.

This naturally means that it sent a similar email to all the , including Dr Disrespect. However, there have been some reports about Doc being in a with the streaming platform. This is probably the reason he cannot speak about the ban.

Jake also asked all the streamers who haven’t yet revealed the reason behind their bans to hit him up. Most probably, in one of his upcoming videos, we could get some inside info on many controversial bans on the platform.

Jake has also shared a close relationship with the ‘Two Time’. Therefore, there is a possibility, however thin, that Dr Disrespect might end up sharing his reason with the YouTuber. Regardless, the upcoming week might end up being spicy for the gaming community.

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