Sony Has Once Again Pushed the Release Date of Uncharted Movie till 2022

Tom Holland in Uncharted Movie

Fans of ‘Uncharted’ will have to wait another year for the live action film starring Tom Holland. According to a report from the movie is being pushed for a much later release than expected because of undisclosed reasons.

The teaser aimed for a 2021 release somewhere in July, but that is no longer the case anymore. As per the source, the film is now looking for a February 11 2022 release.

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Uncharted movie had a rocky start

The film adaptation of Sony’s biggest franchise went through a series of changes during the production process. The film has so far replaced six directors due to various reasons, also hindering the production process. Further, Tom Holland’s commitment to the third movie of the ‘Spiderman’ franchise has also led to the film being pushed to a yet another date.

The issues of clashing dates saw Travis Knight, director of ‘Bumblebee’, exit the franchise. But despite the changes, lead actors in Mark Wahlberg, Tom Holland, Sophia Taylor will continue to be a part of the movie.

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Sony Chief touts the ongoing projects as ‘just a beginning’

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) Chief Jim Ryan in this year’s CES 2021. He talked about a wide range of things, including the future of video games and movie adaptation. The SIE head shared his excitement about the future of their intellectual properties (IP) as the gaming studio continues its collaboration with new media.

He also stated that the upcoming projects like the ‘Uncharted’ movie and ‘The Last of Us’ TV series are just the beginning. The gaming studio is looking forward to bring more of their mega-successful IP to the new media. It will allow the wide range of audiences to also experince the amazing stories that video gamers have already experienced.

This news serves as a hint for many fan favorite titles like God of War to finally being remade in live action format. It would be interesting to see which major title SIE will pick up next, after the release of ongoing projects.

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