Jared Porter Should Be Suspended From MLB

Jared Porter Should Be Suspended From MLB | Sports Takes & News | TooAthletic.com

The New York Mets wasted little time in after reports surfaces of his lewd behavior towards a female reporter while he worked in Chicago five years ago.  Porter, it seems, was guilty of sending unwanted text messages and photos of himself that were unnecessary and unwelcomed by the reporter, with the team terminating his employment as soon as the details of the story were known to them. Now it is Major League Baseball’s turn to do the right thing and protect all the women who work within and around their sport … MLB needs to suspend Jared Porter’s right to work within MLB for no less than one full year, and then they need to do something more when his suspension is over.

In college sports, when a coach has had difficulty maintaining control of their program in the past, there is what’s called a “” order issued by the NCAA, forcing any school who wants to hire that coach to explain why. At this point, Jared Porter should be a person that Major League Baseball should issue a similar order for since it is clear he doesn’t respect women working around the sport nor does he know how to keep his fly zippered.

Due to all the alpha males, professional sports always are on the front lines when it comes to violence and sexist behavior towards women. With the kind of actions Jared Porter took just one of the many ways women are disrespected in locker rooms and press rooms across the country.

Major League Baseball needs to put a halt to this kind of behavior before their 2021 Spring Training begins by telling all the women who work in front offices and the media outlets that you are safe in our stadiums and working with our staff members. That includes not needing to receive even one unwanted or inappropriate text message or photo, and not needing to deal with the demeaning comments that were once part of everyday society that sports still continues to allow.

I don’t want Jared Porter blackballed, because people may not remember in a year why he doesn’t have a job or worse, he may be able to sue Major League Baseball for keeping him out of the sport. This suspension needs to be made loudly public by commissioner Rob Manfred to let everyone know there is a price to pay for treating women with anything less than the respect they would demand for themselves, or for their own sons and daughters. Jared Porter is part of a larger problem, which is there is still a sense of male entitlement in sports, with women being around as part of the perks and prizes that come with being successful in the sports world. This attitude needs to be changed and it must start at the top of every sport with its commissioner.

There is nothing wrong with saying cheating on the baseball field is just as bad as sending lewd photos to a woman involved in sports. Why can’t Rob Manfred step in and say enough is enough, we will see you in a year, and maybe then we will allow you back into our game. Until then, get your act together and make yourself a better person Jared Porter. Because sports’ second biggest issue behind the sexual harassment it allows every day is how insufficiently it punishes those people who commit the act … that needs to end here, and now, beginning with Jared Porter by giving him a full year’s suspension. 


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Jared Porter Should Be Suspended From MLB | TooAthletic.com

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