Seattle Seahawks top five internal free agents to bring back

The Seattle Seahawks have some big decisions to make in the offseason about which internal free agents to bring back.

“Baby, come back. Any kind of fool would see there was something in everything about you.” – Player. That 1977 song is going to be playing in every NFL general manager’s head as they start to go through their list of free agents. Locally, GM will break down his internal free agents into four groups: Must bring back, Would like to bring back, Won’t cost that much, and “Hasta la vista baby.”

There are 30 Seahawks about to become free agents. How many Schneider bring back? He might decide to go with players from outside the organization. Fresh off his contract extension, Schneider will earn his pay this offseason. The Seahawks are projected, as of right now, to have just under $5 million in cap space. They’ll also have the franchise and transition tags at their disposal.

So, who do the Seahawks bring back? As previously mentioned, there will be plenty of players to chose from. I’m going to give you my top five selections that fall into the “Must bring back.” But before that, here is at least one player that falls into the other three categories.

  1. “Would like to bring back” – , , , , and .

  2. “Won’t cost that much” – , , and .

  3. “Hasta la vista baby” – , , and .

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