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THCB Gang Live Episode 39

Episode 39 of “The THCB Gang” will live-streamed on Thursday, Jan 21. You can see it below!

Matthew Holt () was joined by regulars: futurists Ian Morrison () & Jeff Goldsmith, surgeon and now digital health entrepreneur Raj Aggarwal (), radiologist Saurabh Jha (), and patient advocate Robin Farmanfarmaian ().

Like the nation we took a big collective sigh of relief. We then talked a lot about COVID vaccinations, what the newly (sort of) Dem-led Senate is going to do on stimulus and health care , and we fnished on all that money pouring into digital health, while the stock market goes crazy. It was all good grist for the #THCBGang’s mill.

If you’d rather listen than watch, the audio is preserved as a weekly podcast available on our  &  channels

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