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Can you get Yelp reviews removed?

Can you get Yelp reviews removed?

Can you get Yelp reviews removed?

Removing negative reviews on a popular site like Yelp, is something every healthcare owner and marketer should take seriously. Patient reviews on platforms like Yelp can make or break your reputation.

The easiest way to get a Yelp review removed is to have the reviewer remove it. This may not always be possible but should be your first step to get a negative review removed.

If you cannot convince the reviewer to delete or modify the objectionable review, follow these three steps to eliminate unfavorable reviews on Yelp.

Step #1: Report the objectionable review to Yelp: Go to the review that you choose to remove, click the “flag” icon at the bottom of the review.

Step #2: Choose a reason why this review should be removed: Choose the reason for removal. You will need to provide evidence supporting your removal request. Often, people cannot get an unfavorable review removed unless it is an exact violation of Yelp’s guidelines, Terms and Conditions. If the review is a personal attack on you or a staff member based on race, disability, ethnicity, or religion, you can have it removed. However, mere reporting will not result in removal.

Step #3: Provide as much detail and reasoning possible to Yelp team: Yelp will only remove a review if you can prove that it violates Yelp’s review guidelines. If the Yelp team decides not to remove the review, consider sending a questionable content report to Yelp’s customer support to reconsider their decision. In the comments section, describe the exact Yelp rule the review violates, including the specific word or language in the review that violates the policy.

Since negative reviews can impact your bottom line, it’s important to counter them. Make sure not to follow the same approach that your malicious reviewers followed. Assess the problem with a clear head, follow the steps discussed above, and reach out to an online reputation management agency like if you feel overwhelmed.

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