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New Book, ‘Voices from the Fallen,’ Reveals Rare Insights into Addiction Struggles

AGAWAM — With his latest book, Voices from the Fallen: True Stories of Addiction, Grief, Recovery and Courage, author Michael K. Tourville delivers eight true, heartwrenching stories of heroin and alcohol addiction in Western Mass. Each story is told from the first-person point of view and includes perspectives from family members exasperated with their inability to solve the problem.

Voices from the Fallen powerfully shows a variety of causes and effects of addiction and the relentless defeat of relapse. Hope and optimism are prevalent, but the accounts do not ignore the harsh reality of tragic outcomes.

“This is truly an eye-opening and honest read where the author expertly crafts an emotional and painful dialogue between the addict and their loved ones,” Hollywood Book Review notes. “Each story does a perfect job of showcasing how substance-abuse can happen to anyone, and shines a light on a growing problem within our world.”

Added Tourville, “each of the eight stories differ from each other, and even if a reader connects with just one of them, that’s all that matters. If it motivates someone to take action and, as a result, a life is saved, or a family is healed, then mission accomplished.”

Voices from the Fallen is 175 pages long and is available in e-book and print versions at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other online booksellers.

Tourville was born and raised in Western Mass. and currently lives in Agawam. His previous book, A Promise to Astrid, published in 2018, was made into a movie by JC Films, starring Dean Cain. Voices from the Fallen is his second book.

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