Teaching in the Concurrent Classroom: Four Strategies to Make it Work

On Thursday night, I presented a with for educators focused on the concurrent classroom. If the phrase “concurrent classroom” is unfamiliar, it’s when teachers have a group of students in the physical classroom and a group joining simultaneously online via video conferencing. An increasing number of educators are teaching in concurrent classrooms as schools attempt to accommodate families who want their kids back in classrooms and others who prefer to keep their kids in a virtual learning mode.

As I support teachers navigating this teaching assignment, I’m honest about the challenges that the concurrent classroom presents. I am also solution-oriented, so this webinar is about making it work. After all, education is one “make it work” moment after another! If you missed the live show, you can access the .

For teachers who want more support developing their blended learning and online learning skills to feel more confident teaching online, in-class, on a hybrid schedule, or in a concurrent classroom, I have ! They are full of video instruction, templates, resources, and action items designed to help you take what you are learning and create things you can use with your students immediately!

Leaders looking to support teachers can inquire about bulk licenses .