Live transcription is launched for Google Meet by Otter

Otter, which uses Artificial Intelligence to offer a low-cost transcription service, is bringing something smart to Google Meet. This smart thing will let the users easily get accessed to live notes and captions. It will further help users to avoid confusion, misconceptions, and fosters. So, the only thing that users need to do is to install a , this will further open up a live note panel and will record all the things that are being said during the whole session.

Otter is a company that already offered a similar feature to Zoom chat as well. But now is offering an alternative to Google-baked in live caption services. Otter’s boast is that it is interactive and for collaboration when the meeting is over edible transcripts are the best tools.

Live transcription is launched for Google Meet by OtterLive transcription is launched for Google Meet by Otter

Furthermore, in a statement, Otter clarifies that this is going to be a helpful tool for people because it will easily record all the meetings for avoiding confusion latter. And also helps folks with accessibility requirements. It also boosts, till the time you add keywords to the system, the argot of a particular profession won’t stump the AI. However, Otter isn’t the accurate and reliable platform around but still, it is one of the easiest and better solutions.

Probing further, Otter will repeatedly try on to improve the quality. As pandemic has forced many people to work from home- this feature is going to nice from essential in no time. Otter is also planning additional integrations for other conferencing platforms as well; the company clarifies itself. The main goal of the company is to allow all the companies, regardless of video conferencing vendors, will be able to use its business communication and collaboration tools. Hence, to enjoy the full functionality of these new features you need to just need to make an account.

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