Former President Trump's Impeachment Trial Begins



WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. House of Representatives on Monday is set to formally deliver to the Senate a charge accusing former President Donald Trump with inciting insurrection in a speech to his supporters before the deadly attack on the Capitol, setting in motion his second impeachment trial. 

Nine House Democrats who will serve as prosecutors in the trial are due to proceed at about 7 p.m. on Monday (0000 GMT) through the same building where on Jan. 6 a mob of Trump supporters clashed with police. 

The lawmakers will be carrying the charge - known as an article of impeachment - to the Senate ahead of a trial expected to start on Feb. 9. 

The 100 senators are due to serve as jurors in proceedings that could result in Trump’s disqualification from ever again serving as president. Democrat Patrick Leahy, the Senate’s longest-serving member, said on Monday he will preside over the trial. 


Update #1: (AP) 
Update #2: (The Hill) 

WNU Editor: Here we go again. The two things that stuck out for me today on the impeachment of former President Trump are the following. The first one is having one of the most partisan Democrats in the Senate presiding over the trial .... (Daily Mail), and the second thing is that aside from anti-Trump Republican senators like Mitt Romney who want this impeachment to happen, most Republican senators do not support this trial .... (NBC).

Update #3: When a politician goes against the base their lifespan as a politician will quickly end. These 10 Republican politicians are going to learn that lesson the hard way .... (Politico).