U.S. President Joe Biden Signs 'Buy American' Executive Order



"It's based on his view that we are making things in America and all of America is core to our economic strategy," a Biden administration official said. 

President Joe Biden signed an executive order Monday aimed at promoting the "Buy American" agenda he campaigned on last year, which seeks to bolster U.S. manufacturing through the federal procurement process. 

The executive order directs agencies to strengthen requirements about purchasing products and services from U.S. workers and businesses, cuts some red tape and creates a position in the Office of Management and Budget responsible for enforcing the directive. 

The order also reiterates the Biden administration's support for the Jones Act, which limits foreign maritime shipping between U.S. ports to U.S.-made and -owned vessels.


Update #1: (USA Today) 
Update #2: (Daily Mail) 

WNU Editor: Canada is the biggest trading partner with the U.S., and many in Canada (where I also live) see this measure directed at them. For my American readers, it has been quite to watch Canadian news media trying their best to sugar-coat this US executive order. 

As to what is my take. 

President Biden is taking a page out of President Trump's book. But what is different now is that unlike Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau's reaction to President Trump's trade measures where Ottawa was very quick to retaliate against any White House measure impacting Canada's economy, that is not the case today with President Biden in the White House. 

Update: These worries are justified .... (Bloomberg).