The Eastern Conference Playoff Race is Poised to Be as Exciting as Ever

The Eastern Conference standings are looking a lot different than what many expected over halfway through the 2020-21 NBA season. Additionally, a large chunk of teams aren’t separated by much. The 4-8 spots are currently separated by 1.5 games total. This year is more important than any to fight for a top-six spot and not get stuck in seventh or eighth. This is because with the shortened season due to COVID, the ninth and tenth spots will have a chance to beat those last two seeds to make it to the playoffs. 

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The teams who finish seventh and eighth based on win percentage will play a game to decide who gets the seventh seed. The loser will play the winner of a ninth vs. tenth seeded game, and the winner of that will capture the final spot, the eighth seed, in the playoffs. With so many teams so close together, and more shots at a playoff spot up for grabs, it is shaping up to be one of the most exciting playoff races ever seen.

Also, there are many teams in surprising spots right now. Charlotte is currently in fourth, which means they would actually have home-court advantage in the first round. The defending conference champs, the Heat, are in fifth after missing  early in the season. New York, a laughing stock in recent years, are currently sixth and safe from the play-in tournament. Most shockingly is Boston, who was considered to be a top team in the preseason, are in eighth, and would have to earn their spot via the play-in tourney.

  • Toronto Raptors had their 3rd lowest WIN% in a calendar month (7.1%)
  • Boston Celtics have the most clutch-time (5-pt game within final 5 MIN) losses (19) in the NBA

  • Doncic hitting daggers vs. Boston

  • Full game highlights from MIA-IND

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