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AT&T is giving its top prepaid hotspot plan a big price cut and more data

Customers already enrolled in the prepaid plan will get a data boost and a lower price when their plan renews. | Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

AT&T says it will now offer a prepaid 5G data-only plan with up to 100GB of data for $55 per month — a big upgrade from its previous offering of 40GB for $75. The new pricing extends to Cricket Wireless customers as well as AT&T’s direct prepaid subscribers, though those on Cricket won’t be able to access the 5G network. These plans allow customers to buy data for their tablet or mobile hotspot separate from their voice plan.

That 100GB is a lot of data at a lower price than the other major carriers are offering; currently, T-Mobile has a prepaid data-only plan of 50GB for $50 and Verizon has a 30GB plan for $65 per month. It may be no coincidence that and are also eager to expand their own 5G and LTE-based fixed home...