Louisville settles with Breonna Taylor’s mother

Mayor Greg Fischer said the city will reform police practices and pay $12 million to the family of Breonna Taylor, whom officers shot and killed while executing a warrant at her apartment. Tamika Palmer, Taylor’s mother, sued Louisville, Ky., in April alleging police used flawed information for the March 13 search warrant. The lawsuit accuses the three officers involved of firing blindly into the apartment during a drug investigation with no way of knowing if innocent people were present.

How did the family respond? Palmer wants to see results from a criminal investigation into the incident. “We must not lose focus on what the real job is, and with that being said, it is time to move forward with the criminal charges” against the officers involved, Palmer said at a Tuesday news conference announcing the settlement. The city has one of the officers and no-knock warrants like the one used at Taylor’s home.

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Louisville settles with Breonna Taylor’s mother