Seattle Mariners: Jarred Kelenic is about to arrive in the Emerald City

Christmas comes early for Seattle Mariners fans as outfield phenom Jarred Kelenic debuts for the M’s this weekend.

will join the on May 13, 2021. I’ve been a Mariners fan since 1986 and only one other time in team history has there been such anticipation for an event. For those that don’t live in the Seattle area, Thursday’s game will be part of a triple-header on the MLB channel.

For my generation and older, nothing will top April 3, 1989.  It’s been so long though, that perhaps we don’t remember what it’s like. One of my colleagues at PNWS, said, “It’s like Christmas Eve…except in May.” That is exactly how it felt after spring training 1989 ended and M’s fans found out that then 19-year-old . would make his MLB debut.

That will forever be the day that changed the Mariners franchise.  May 13, 2021, has a chance to be the same type of situation. Especially with so many top prospects waiting to join the Mariners.

The Run of Rookies is in Full Bloom

Last year was the tip of the iceberg for Seattle, with , J.P. Crawford, , and others joining the big league roster. With Kelenic’s arrival, you can make out the shape of the iceberg. Logan Gilbert, Julio Rodriguez, Cal Raleigh, Noelvi Marte, Emmerson Hancock, and George Kirby are just a few that are about to become household names.

But it doesn’t stop with those names. There are so many others that are waiting in the wings and the 2021 draft hasn’t happened yet. Kelenic isn’t just any name in that long train of arrivals from the minors. He is one of the best prospects the Mariners have ever had.

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