Pac-12: Waiting for the reign of incompetence to end

With less than two months left before Larry Scott leaves, the search for a new Pac-12 Commissioner is still ongoing.

Larry Scott is still running the Pac-12, and he isn’t due to leave his overpriced office until June 30. As bad of a job Scott did as commissioner, there is something worse. An incompetent lame duck with no successor.

This is a hire the Pac-12 CEO group has to nail. It would be nice if they didn’t come across as splintered. There isn’t a consensus on what skillset an ideal candidate needs to possess. The one good thing they did in this process is hiring the search firm TurnkeyZRG to run this show.

Fans keep hearing about who’s not interested in the job like Ohio State Athletic Director Gene Smith and Alabama AD Greg Byrne. Or West Coast Conference Commissioner Gloria Navarez, who just signed a big extension.

Unfortunately, some alarming reports are leaking out about the search. The conference is actually considering splitting the job into two, an operations person and a campus liaison. Remember that old football saying, “if your team has two starting quarterbacks, they have no starting quarterbacks.” More proof that those in control of the conference are punching well above their weight class.

The search continues

For their part, TurnkeyZRG is true to their reputation and tight-lipped about their interviews. It’s interesting how leaks keep coming out. The latest rumor comes from former Stanford women’s basketball player and current NBA president for business operations and chief innovation officer is in consideration. She’s a good candidate, but there has been one favorite this entire time.

Oliver Luck should have been hired at least a month ago. He’s the one candidate who checks off the most boxes. Aside from his virtually unmatched skill set, he’s got invaluable connections across the sports, business, and legal world.

It almost seems like they are afraid to hire him. That would be a mistake.

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