Fighting is a young man’s game

In an interview with ESPN’s Brett Okamoto, UFC President Dana White seemed to allude to the position that he believed “the fight game has become a young man’s game”. Granted he was responding to a question about Nick Diaz and whether or not fight fans should hold their breath for his return.

Dana also went on to mention what seems to be his overall vision with regards to the talent he has on his books. He seemed to have the thought that one has to either be looking to get to the title or willing to break into the top ten.

He did leave the door open for some of the legends of the sport to feel free to ask for a fight and he would indulge them.

When faced with the Cowboy Cerrone issue Dana confirmed that his next fight at 155lb would probably be his last fight.

This then got me thinking, if Tony Ferguson is to lose this weekend to Beneil Dariush. Could we see another one of the old guard of fighters moved on from the UFC?

Tyronne Woodley is now out of contract, Diego Sanchez who should have been facing Cowboy Cerrone this past weekend would have ended his career after the fight.

Cowboy Cerrone looks like he has one more fight in him before he steps away. And with Tony Ferguson a loss away from being in a tough position.

The fight game is really for the young and hungry, lucky for us UFC fans they seem to find fighters who fit the bill with relative ease.


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