Infrared Tracker Sensor Library for Proteus

Hello friends, I hope you all are doing great. Today, I am going to share a new Infrared Tracker Sensor Library for Proteus. By using this library, you will be able to simulate IR based tracker sensor. This library contains 4 tracker sensors in it.

This Infrared Tracker Sensor is not present in Proteus software and we are sharing it for the first time. We have already shared 2 Proteus Libraries of Infrared sensors, you should check them as well.


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First, let’s have a look at what is tracker sensor and why is it used?

What is IR Tracker Sensor???

  • IR Tracker Sensor uses Infrared technology and contains two IR LEDs on it.

  • A signal is transmitted from one LED, which reflected back after hitting some target and is received by the second LED.

  • This sensor is normally used in Line Tracking Robotic Projects, where the black line is sensed by this IR Tracker sensor.

Infrared Tracker Sensor Library for Proteus

  • First of all, download the zip file of Proteus Library by clicking the below button:

[DownloadButton title=”Download Proteus Library Files”]

  • Once you downloaded the zip file, extract it and open the folder named “Proteus Library Files“.

  • You will find three files in it, named:

    • InfraredTrackerSensorTEP.IDX

    • InfraredTrackerSensorTEP.LIB

    • InfraredTrackerSensorTEP.HEX

  • Place these three files in the Library folder of your Proteus software.


  • If you are facing problems with adding a library in , then have a look at .

  • Now open your Proteus software or restart it, if it’s already running.

  • In the components section, we need to make a search for Infrared Tracker Sensor, and you will get results as shown in the below figure:

  • As you can see in the above figure, now we have 4 infrared tracker sensors in our Proteus database.

  • Let’s place these sensors in the Proteus workspace, that’s how they will look like:

Adding Hex File to the sensor

  • Now we need to add the hex file to the sensor, so double click on the sensor to open its Properties Panel.

  • In the properties panel, we have a textbox named “Program File”.

  • In this textbox, browse to the hex file of the sensor, which we have placed in the Library folder of Proteus software, as shown in the below figure:

  • After adding the hex file, click the OK button to close the properties panel.

Our sensor is now ready to operate.

Infrared Tracker Sensor Pinout

  • As you can see these sensors have five pins in total, which are:

    1. V: Power.

    2. G: Ground.

    3. D0: Digital Output.

    4. A0: Analog Output.

    5. Test: For Testing Purposes.

Why Test Pin is used?

  • As it’s a simulation, so we can’t actually generate IR pulses, that’s why I have placed this Test Pin.

  • As the voltage at Test Pin will increase, the sensor will consider it as the obstacle is coming close.

  • We will place a potentiometer at this Test Pin.

  • This Test Pin is not present in a real IR Tracker sensor.

So, let’s design a simple simulation of this Infrared Tracker sensor to have a look at its working:

Infrared Tracker Sensor Proteus Simulation

  • Design a simulation in Proteus, as shown in the below figure:

  • I have placed an LC circuit in front of the analog output because we have to convert the peak to peak voltage to Vrms.

  • This LC filter is also not required in real hardware, but in simulation, we need to place it to get an analog value.

  • Now, let’s run our Proteus simulation of the IR sensor and if everything goes fine, you will get results as shown in the below figure:

  • I have simulated two of these sensors, the rest will work the same and as you can see depending on the potentiometer, we got different values at the output.

So, that was all for today. I hope this library will help you guys in your engineering projects. IF you have any questions/suggestions, please use the below comment form. Thanks for reading. Take care !!! 🙂

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