Red special

One of those rare days when I want to play a Strat. This is my red American Special bought from SV Guitars when it was located at Woodlands, just next to the immigration checkpoint. It was called Standard Value then. No major mods here less the tone knobs which died once before; the usual corrosion & rust. Gave it a quick re-string - GHS 009s.

Also did away with rusty pickguard screws. I used to save these screws by sanding off the rust & polishing them back to life because these are the original screws that came with the guitar. There's this sentimentality attached to default features when it comes to Fender but really, such small stuff are replaceable & not worth the trouble.

Replaced these as well - rusty & pitted bolt plate screws & the plate itself. The hard case is supposed to protect the instrument from such deterioration but ironically, the interior lining's adhesive reacted with metal parts. Replacement parts were bought from Davis GMC, the other irony - a non-Fender dealer selling Fender parts.

Have a good week ahead, everyone. Please stay safe 👍

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