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MIKU, Kanami: BAND-MAID - No God + Thrill + Warning!

“Welcome home,masters & princesses” BAND-MAID is an impossibly hard rocking maid band. "NO GOD" Official Live Video This song is from the Blu-ray/DVD "BAND-MAID ONLINE OKYU-JI (Feb. 11, 2021) ". The Blu-ray/DVD release date is May 26, 2021. The English translation of the lyrics can be seen in the video. You can use subtitle on Youtube. English translator of Japanese lyrics: S. R. Wallis ・"Unseen World" Distribution list https://lnk.to/Unseen_World

BAND-MAID / NO GOD (Official Live Video)

BAND-MAID / Thrill (スリル) (Official Live Video)

BAND-MAID / Warning! (Official Live Video)