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Another Ship Just Got Stuck in the Suez Canal

Another ship broke down in the Suez Canal on Friday, but this time tugboats were able to pull it out of the way so traffic could pass through.


Another day, another gigantic container ship broken down in the Suez Canal.

On Friday, a ship called the Maersk Emerald experienced engine troubles near Ismailia, Egypt while it passed through the canal, . Thankfully, unlike when the and totally blocked anyone else from using the canal back in March, the canal remains open and unobstructed this time around.

Pulling Over

The Maersk Emerald was safely towed out of the way for repairs, allowing other ships to continue to pass through the Suez Canal and averting economic disaster.

The incident once again calls attention, though, to just how much of global commerce depends on one narrow channel of water, as we all learned during the six long days that the Ever Given was wedged up against the walls of the channel, practically grinding shipping to a halt.

After a few hours of trouble, in contrast, the Maersk Emerald was refloated, ferried away by four tugboats, and anchored for repairs, . Meanwhile, the Ever Given is actually still in the area, , as it’s been detained nearby for the nearly two months since it finally broke free while officials figure out what to do about the whole mess.

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