Without Five Bedrooms we are stuck with Bull repeats

10 is really giving viewers a load of Bull lately with double episode repeats continuing across Wednesday night.

10 a new season of Five Bedrooms for Wednesday nights in Q2 but after a backflip -in which it opted to give it a new home on Paramount+- no new series has taken its place.

Instead there are double episodes of Bull this week, next week and the week after at least.

It feels like this has not been planned with much consideration for viewers. Bull has been on Wednesday nights since mid-January, last week drawing up to 252,000 viewers. This compares with Five Bedrooms which was sometimes twice that number in 2019.

It also comes at a time when Bull showrunner Glenn Gordon Caron was dismissed after a studio investigation into an alleged toxic workplace. Co-star Freddy Rodriguez (Benny Colón) also departed under a cloud.

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