Friday Flashback: The Flying Doctors

This week marks 35 years since The Flying Doctors series hit Australian screens (it was first a 1985 miniseries before the 1986 weekly series).

The Crawfords Production ran for nine seasons until 1991, set in the fictional outback town of Cooper’s Crossing, filmed mostly in Minyip in north-western rural Victoria.

The cast included Andrew McFarlane, Liz Burch, Robert Grubb, Lenore Smith, Peter O’Brien, Rebecca Gibney, Terry Gill, Maurie Fields, Val Jellay, Brett Climo, David Reyne, Sarah Chadwick, Brian Mannix, Peter O’Brien, Lewis Fitz-Gerald, Alex Papps, Tammy McIntosh and George Kapiniaris.

In 1993 the show was revamped as RFDS and the setting was changed to Broken Hill with Sophie Lee, Peter Phelps, Simone Buchanan, Belinda Davey, Elaine Smith, Marieke Hardy, Steve Jacobs (not Today’s Jacobs), Lewis Fitz-Gerald, Maurie Fields and Val Jellay. It ran for 13 episodes (NB: Seven will screen an unrelated RFDS drama later this year).

And here’s a “Doctor Doctor” promo for the show… hmmm there’s an idea..