THEORY: Who Is Kate Getting Married to in the Flash-Forward on ‘This Is Us’?

This Is Us loves to play tricks on fans. 

The latest one took place during the after Madison and Kevin decided they weren’t going to go through with the wedding. 

As Kevin rehearsed his speech — which we initially assumed were his vows for the wedding — it was revealed that the scene was part of a five-year flash-forward and he was practicing his best man speech. 

And the bride? None other than Kate Pearson. 

Fans were also in for a surprise when it was implied that the groom wasn’t Toby but Phillip, her boss from the musical school for the blind.

There’s been plenty of speculation about Toby and Kate’s relationship in the future, but all the evidence seems to point to a split sometime after Kevin and Madison called off their wedding.

This may also explain why Toby is solo and ringless at Kevin’s in the 10-15 year flash-forward, which finds Rebecca lying on her death bed. 

However, as I said, loves to trick fans. And how do we know that this isn’t a trick?

I can’t see Kate and Toby breaking up or Kate wanting to remarry immediately after that. In the finale, she even said she’d rather have 4 days with Toby than 8 without him. She’s obviously devoted to making this marriage work at all costs, even if it means part of their relationship is long-distance. 

What if Kate is simply renewing her vows to Toby?

As I said, the episode implies that Phillip is her groom, but we don’t actually confirm that to be true. We’re assuming it because Kevin calls Phillip “brother-in-law” and that would only be the case if he was getting married to Kate. 

But what if Phillip is actually Madison’s long-lost brother?

NBC/ This Is Us

Caitlin Thompson, who plays Madison, revealed that there’s a lot we don’t know about her character’s family yet. 

We got some insight into her childhood and upbringing during wedding prep, which is what helped her come to the realization that she doesn’t want to get married unless Kevin is in love with her. 

Through a series of flashbacks, we learn that her father made her think she wasn’t worthy of love and affection after her mother left them when she was a young girl. 

Normally, I wouldn’t think anything of it, but the series made it a point to focus on the scene where her mother explains that she’s leaving. And her mother has a British accent!

Do you know who also has a British accent? Phillip. 

I know that it technically could be a coincidence, but I don’t think they’d include the scene or give the mom a British accent if it wasn’t going to come into play in the future. After all, Madison doesn’t have a British accent. 

Maybe her mother left because she cheated on Madison’s father and got pregnant with Phillip. 

Or maybe she met someone after she left them behind, had another child, and never told them? 

While adding a long-lost brother does seem a little too soapy for This Is Us, they’ve managed to do wonders with Randall’s adoption storyline. If there’s anyone who could make the long-lost brother trope less cliche, it’s the writers of the best family drama on television. 

It also wouldn’t hurt for Madison to have some kind of family aside from the Pearsons. And if the theory holds up, it also means that Kevin and Madison found a way back to each other in the future. Happy endings for all! 

All I’m saying is that we cannot take anything at face value on this series; the writers have fooled us way too many times.

And I refuse to believe Toby and Kate don’t make it after everything they’ve already been through and overcome. 

What do you think?

Do you have any theories about what the future might hold for the Pearson clan? Share them with us in the comments!

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