Younger Review – Does Charles Want Liza Back? (7×10)

We’re nearing the end, and I continue to be disillusioned with the final season of Younger

There were some redeemable moments on Younger Season 7 Episode 10, but overall, the season has not been impressive for all the reasons I’ve mentioned repeatedly in my previous reviews. 

For the sake of having to repeat myself again, here’s the condensed version:  the writers are focusing on the wrong things by introducing so many new storylines and characters when we really just want to wrap up all the journeys we started with the ones we care about.

Two things worked in this episode’s favor: it was Quinn-free (a rarity in season 7) and focused much more on the relationships between the core characters.

It wasn’t all great, however. Josh continued to be reduced to a secondary character that pops in and out of random scenes without serving an actual purpose. Why waste Nico Tortorella’s time and skills like that?

It’s seriously a shame what they’ve done with his storyline.

While he had a bit more screen time on this episode, even then, he just stood by and watched Kelsey and Claire’s feud play out. At one point, he was only there to fetch drinks for the group at Maggie’s art exhibit. Really? 

It seems that the writers think that we don’t care about Josh unless he’s involved in Liza’s love triangle, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Even without a romantic connection, the two of them have formed an incredible friendship that we wanted to see explored in the final episodes. 

Josh is so much more than Liza’s ex to the audience and deserved more love from the writers. We could’ve seen him pursue his career, bond with Gemma, or even find a decent love interest that maybe would’ve stuck around in the end. 

Kelsey’s been a hot mess this season but in the best possible way. Her love life has never been tidy before, so you knew that she was walking into a major disaster zone by pursuing Rob and keeping it a secret. Hey, Lauren tried to warn her! Girl code exists even if it’s just with an acquaintance whose baby daddy is your best friend!

In fact, Kelsey knew it too, which is why she kept it a secret from everyone in her life and avoided any interaction with Claire until it was no longer possible because Lauren recruited her to build out Inkubator’s app. 

At that point, Kelsey really should’ve come clean and had a chat with Claire. It was only a matter of time before the truth was revealed, and Claire was already being gracious by doing free labor. Apps cost a lot, especially if they’re being done by a Google coder!

I don’t know if Claire would’ve handled the news any better if Kelsey would’ve just confronted her about it, but at least she wouldn’t be so caught off guard and embarrassed. It’s the principle of the matter. 

Instead, Kelsey came off as shady and manipulative. 

No woman, even someone who had an amicable breakup (as if those really exist so soon after things have ended), wants to find out about an exes new relationship by reading the dirty texts he’s sending to a supposed “friend.”

It was made worse by the fact that Claire actually considered Kelsey a friend after they went out for a breakup brunch and talked about their feelings!

This wasn’t even Kelsey’s worst decision. There was a series of them including dating Rob and investing all of her money for finding an apartment into Dylan’s advance. 

She took the phrase “go big or go home” to heart, and went so big, she no longer has a home. 

Thankfully, Maggie has a big apartment and an extra sofa for her to sleep on. 

She may be canceled by the public, but she’s never been one to bail on her friends when they need her. 

I genuinely love that the show spotlights the power and dedication of true friends. When no one showed up for the opening night, they were all there and supportive regardless. You have to take note of who shows up for you when you’re a nobody, so you can remember them when you’re a somebody. 

Kelsey was the only one who ditched the exhibit of the woman who later gave her a roof over her head to go spend time with Rob. Honestly, maybe she deserves everything that’s happening to her.

After Clive, a famous art critic, gave Maggie’s show a glowing review, the dive bar was packed with people! 

Of course, it seems the critic came at the behest of Cass, the Dean who destroyed Maggie’s name and credibility in the first place. If I were Maggie, I wouldn’t be so forgiving… lord knows the Internet isn’t. 

Cass seemed genuine in her apology and explained that she finally realized her wife was a bit sleazy. There were definitely some vibes between Maggie and Cass, but I hope the series doesn’t explore that angle because Maggie deserves better than an insecure woman who was all too comfortable destroying another lesbian woman when her ego was bruised. 

Also, why didn’t they just host Maggie’s art show at Josh’s tattoo parlor during the Inkubator series? It would’ve fit the artistic vibe, plus, it was a guaranteed turnout as there were lines out the door!

Speaking of hurt egos, Charles is a lost puppy and the very definition of “you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.”

He was adamant about not having Empirical be associated until he saw the success of Inkubator for himself and realized that it’s a solid idea that attracted award-winning authors. 

But here’s the thing — Charles doesn’t deserve to be part of that success. When Liza tried explaining it to him, when Kelsey pitched it to him, when they offered him Dylan Par as an author, and even when they showed him how much buzz the chapters were getting on Vulture, Charles kept shutting them down and telling them to “focus on the job that pays them.”

He didn’t appreciate the idea when it was just starting off, so he shouldn’t get to reap the rewards now that it’s blowing up and getting recognition. 

He’s the definition of hopping on the bandwagon and taking credit for something he didn’t do. 

It’s insulting to Kelsey and Liza as he didn’t trust their judgement or their vision.

And he can explain it as his way of guaranteeing Empirical stayed afloat, but it was really just another example of his way or the highway.

It would be easy to take Empirical’s money as Kelsey and Liza need it to sign authors if they’re going to build this out, but Inkubator has been successful solely because it isn’t restricted by corporate guidelines or greed. It’s powered by the love of writing, storytelling, and publishing, and it would be a shame to lose sight of that. 

Kelsey may not have handled other situations in her life properly, but she’s right about waiting to build out the app instead of allowing Charles to “mansplain” why their idea was suddenly valuable and profitable… and hopefully, that app is still happening amidst all the drama. 

You had one job, Kelsey!

Charles wasn’t leading with his heart, both in his career and in his love life. And he’s slowly, but surely, beginning to realize it and come to terms with the fact that his ego and his stubbornness cost him the best thing that ever happened to him.

While reconnecting with Liza over dinner, he realized just how much he valued her impact on his life. She’s a refreshing burst of energy that challenges him to get out of his comfort zone and lead a more exciting life and forces him to be a better person.

Life has thrown Liza so many curveballs, and she’s the definition of making lemonade out of lemons. Heck, she can likely make lemonade out of anything thrown her way. 

When Charles saw her at Inkubator downing shots and inspiring young minds to take a risk even if it terrified them, you could tell he was in awe. 

Liza is a force of nature. 

And that’s precisely why she shouldn’t give Charles another chance. 

Was I rooting for them to kiss after dinner and for everything to fall back into place? Yes. But that’s the romantic in me. 

They fall into a groove every time they go out together, so it’s obvious that there are very real feelings between them and we want to root for them. 

But the fact that they still have love for each other is also not enough of a reason to just forgive Charles’s hot and cold approach to their relationship. 

When Liza voiced her disinterest in getting married again, she had valid reasons that Charles simply dismissed. He let his insecurities run rampant and assumed that she wasn’t in it for the long run. 

And he then immediately turned to another woman for comfort. He’s like those people who cannot be single if their life depended on it. 

Quinn always has been and always will be a placeholder. She’s second best, but at this point, it’s exactly what Charles deserves. 

And the truth is, Liza doesn’t need a man who can’t see her worth when it’s staring him right in the face. She doesn’t need someone who only realizes her potential after she’s show receipts. 

It would actually go against Liza’s nature to dim her own light to allow Charles back in.

And if she even considers it, he’s going to have to earn it, which I, unfortunately, cannot see happening realistically in one episode. 

It’s possible Charles will dump Quinn and ask Liza for one more chance, which she can consider, but only if she’s prioritizing her wants and needs first!

Other Memorable Moments

  • Lauren has stolen the season first by attempting her best to fill Diana’s shoes and then for being such a genuinely good friend and sticking up for Maggie when Cass waltzed into the exhibit. 

  • Charles saying fuzzy p**sy (or fussy p**sy, I couldn’t tell) was beyond brilliant and hilarious. He’s so uptight that he couldn’t even say the P-word without turning bright red.


What did you think of the episode? Do you like where things are headed ahead of the finale?

What are your thoughts about the final season? Let us know in the comments below!

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