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Among all the memorable characters in , Tom Haverford is one of the most entertaining. Despite living in a town like Pawnee and working a small-time government job, Tom sees himself as some sort of big-city trendsetter. He is all about fashion, expensive things, and dating beautiful women.


Unfortunately for Tom, reality rarely matches up with his high expectations for himself. While he can be a little self-involved at times, he grows a lot over the series yet still seems to struggle to find his place in the world. It can make this fun character quite sad at times.

10 Becoming The New Jerry

Every show seems to have that character who is the butt of all the jokes and . But when it comes time for Jerry to retire, the question becomes who will become the new heavily mocked member of the office.

Despite his best efforts to be cool and not make a fool of himself, Tom mispronounces one word in a meeting and suddenly he becomes the target for all the ridicule. For someone who thinks of themselves as being hip, this fall in social stature is devastating for Tom.

9 Beaten Up By Tammy

Tom doesn't always make the wisest decisions, but he does seem to realize when he's made a mistake. After getting jealous about Ron's dating life, Tom begins dating Ron's ex-wife, Tammy 2.


This only results in Ron and Tammy getting back together which is terrible for Ron. Seeing the damage he has caused, and tell Ron that Tammy was planning to lure Ron back and manipulate him. This then leads to Tammy beating Tom mercilessly, which he did not deserve.

8 Losing His Club

Though Pawnee does not have much of a social scene, Tom is always trying to change that with his . Most of these ideas end up being costly mistakes, but one of his earliest investments into the local club seems to work out at first.

Tom loves the idea of being a club owner and it seems to genuinely make him happy. Unfortunately, given the business relationships involved in the club, Chris tells Tom that his ownership is a conflict of interest and he is forced to give up his dream.

7 His Marriage

Despite the fact that he is constantly flirting with women in the first season, Tom reveals that he is actually married. Even more shocking, his wife Wendy is actually an intelligent and friendly woman.

It turns out, the whole marriage is too good to be true and Wendy only married Tom for a green card. While Tom was happy to help Wendy out, but he eventually starts having feelings for her. That makes it all the more painful when she gets her green card and is ready to get a divorce.

6 Ron Dates His Ex

For Tom's marriage to Wendy to end is bad enough, but the guy she starts dating next is really painful for him. Shortly after Tom moves out, Wendy begins seeing Ron Swanson, Tom's boss.


While Ron was aware that Tom and Wendy's relationship was a sham, it was also pretty selfish of him to start dating her . While Tom could have handled the situation better, it's still another harsh development in this relationship.

5 His Relationship With Mona Lisa

While his relationship with Wendy didn't pan out at all, that was sadly not the . After hiring Mona-Lisa, the sister of his best friend Jean-Ralphio, Tom begins a very unwise romantic relationship with her.

Not only is she a terrible employee who steals from the store, but Tom finds himself in a pretty unhealthy relationship. He seems to be scared of Mona-Lisa and at no point does it feel like he is actually enjoying dating her.

4 His Partnership With Jean-Ralphio

Mona-Lisa might have been a handful as a girlfriend, but her brother is not much better as a friend to Tom. In some ways, Tom and Jean-Ralphio are the perfect pair as they seem to be the only people in Pawnee who don't see it as a small town.

Jean-Ralphio joins Tom on a lot of his business ventures, but while he initially gets excited about the ideas, he does not have any work ethic at all. As Tom gets more mature and wants to find a business that will really be a success, he begins to see that his friend is holding him back.

3 Dumped By Lucy

More so than most of the characters in the show, Tom had bad luck with dating. However, one girl who he really seemed to like and who seemed like a good match for him was Lucy. Things started off strong with the two of them, but when Tom discovers Ron is dating Wendy, things spiral out of control.


Tom becomes overcome with jealousy, failing to realize he is ruining his chance at a happy relationship in front of him. Tom spends much of the rest of the series regretting letting Lucy go but at least they eventually get a happy ending.

2 Losing His Clothing Store

Yet another of Tom's business ideas is a clothing store called Rent-a-Swag. With a pretty solid concept of renting high-end fashion clothes to kids, this store seems like the best of Tom's ideas and the one that could actually become successful.

Unfortunately, he discovers that Jean-Ralphio and Mona-Lisa's wealthy father hates Tom because of lies his children told him. As a result, he opens a competing clothing store that proceeds to run Tom out of business.

1 Losing His Restaurant

The finale of Parks and Rec takes a touching look into the future at where . In the final season, Tom had finally found success with his own bistro that was a big hit. Unfortunately, it would not last.

The time jump reveals that Tom attempts to franchise his restaurant, which ends in disaster and the entire business collapses. While this kickstarts his next idea of launching a self-help book, it's sad to see yet another of his dreams come crashing down.