Star Wars: 10 Best Scenes Of Obi-Wan Kenobi & Maul's Rivalry

The is not only the best across  television, but it very well may be the best in Star Wars in general, challenged by very few in terms of the quality and the depth of the story between the characters. As individuals, they are two of the franchise's best characters, and every time they come together, it is magical.


They (along with Qui-Gon) provide the best part of  and are each a critical part of some of best episodes, as well as one of '. all in all; the two share a collection of brilliant, memorable scenes together on-screen.

10 Obi-Wan  & Adi Gallia Vs. Maul & Savage Opress

Maul and Obi-Wan only have a few lightsaber duels across their thirty-year history with one another, but every time they do clash sabers, it makes for some amazing moments.

After tracking the two Dathomirian Zabrak's to Florrum, Jedi Master Adi Gallia aided Obi-Wan in fighting the brothers, which cost her her life. It was a solid duel with a great, harrowing moment in Galia's death with the group watched by Hondo Ohnaka's pirates.

9 Obi-Wan Outmatches The Brothers

Following this duel, Obi-Wan, alongside Ohnaka and the pirates who stayed loyal to him, are forced to retreat to their base, and when it came under attack, Kenobi was forced to engage them.

Obi-Wan truly showed his brilliance as a fighter in this scene, as the brothers looked poised to overpower the Jedi. Using both his and Gallia's lightsabers, he outsmarted and outmaneuvered , severing Opress's arm and forcing them to retreat.

8 Maul Captures Obi-Wan & Satine

Despite Maul, alongside Death Watch, taking over Mandalore and imprisoning Satine, she managed to temporarily escape get a message to the Jedi, calling for Obi-Wan's personal help. Obi-Wan, of course, ventured to the planet to help his love.

Obi-Wan managed to and desperately attempted to escape, but was met with the Mandalorian Super Commandos, and soon thereafter, Maul. Obi-Wan's shock at Maul being there and Maul's almost toying with Obi-Wan was fantastic and tense to watch, especially knowing what was to come.

7 Maul Finds Out Obi-Wan Is Alive

Jumping along to Star Wars: Rebels, another show in which , his relationship with Ezra led to the two opening a Sith and Jedi Holocron together to find out the answers to their most important questions.


Ezra does not recognize what is being shown to him in the Holocron; Maul, however, finds out a startling revelation as he heads to his ship, frantically saying "he lives." referring to Obi-Wan Kenobi, whom from that point on, he hunts.


That hunt, of course, leads Maul to one of the most famous planets in all of Star Wars, the planet with the Twin Suns seen in the Holocrons by Ezra, Tatooine.

Traipsing through the desert takes its toll on Maul both physically and mentally, and fans get one of the most chilling moments of Maul's life on-screen as he falls to his knees and screams Kenobi's name, a highlight moment of Sam Witwer, who consistently performs Maul perfectly across the animated shows.

5 Maul Returns

Jumping back to The Clone Wars, Maul's return was shrouded in doubt; he did get cut in half after all. But somehow, Lucas, Filoni, and co. made it work, and when Talzin repaired Maul's mental state, he was immediately fantastic.

In "Revenge," Maul causes chaos with Savage in an attempt to lure out Obi-Wan, who answers the call. Surrounded by a village on Raydonia destroyed and engulfed in flames, , and the exchange they share is excellent before Savage and Maul capture the Jedi and take him aboard their ship.

4 Obi-Wan & Asajj Ventress Vs. Maul & Savage

While aboard Maul and Savage's hijacked freighter, Obi-Wan gets joined by an unlikely ally in Asajj Ventress as they are forced to face off against the two brothers. What ensues is a fantastic and underrated battle.


The action of the duel is pretty stunning at points, but so too are the verbal exchanges. Obviously, the and Ventress is good, but it is Maul's taunts to Obi-Wan that really hit home, as they actually make Obi-Wan unleash his anger, something never really seen from the Jedi before.

3 Maul Kills Satine Kryze

Jumping back to everything going down with Maul and Mandalore - which is undoubtedly some of the very best Star Wars TV out there - the most significant piece of revenge Maul ever got to Obi-Wan was during "The Lawless."

After capturing Satine and Obi-Wan, Maul took the two to the Throne Room, where he gave Obi-Wan a great speech and proceeded to impale Satine with the Darksaber, killing her. It is one of the most heartbreaking deaths in the show, perhaps even the most heartbreaking.

2 Duel Of The Fates

Without question, the most famous scene/sequence of Obi-Wan and Maul's rivalry is the beginning of it on Naboo during The Phantom Menace, with being one of the Skywalker saga's best and most iconic lightsaber duels.

This battle obviously stretches out to be a sequence of scenes rather than just one, but it has to be included when speaking about the two's rivalry. Maul killing Qui-Gon was a crucial moment in the Skywalker saga for so many reasons, and Obi-Wan slicing Maul in half was the true beginning of this immense rivalry. But in reality, the entire duel is insanely good.

1 "Twin Suns"

Going from the beginning of their rivalry to the end, to another duel that is much shorter but still unbelievably well done and impactful, "Twin Suns" provides a beautiful end to the pair's journey together.

Maul, after hunting him through Tatooine, finally finds Obi-Wan, who was finishing an insightful conversation with Ezra, and after taunting and bringing up Luke, the two briefly duel, with Obi-Wan defeating Maul in mere seconds. He lured Maul in with Qui-Gon's stance, he held Maul in his arms as he died, and Maul got a terrific end to his special story; overall, it was masterfully put together. While it was not the most action-packed duel, it was gorgeous looking, with a pair of tremendous performances, and was ultimately storytelling perfection.