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is one of the most critically acclaimed and most popular shows in recent memory and the British series is a hilarious, dark, touching, and thoughtful examination of the titular character and all the people in her life.


The show also introduced America to Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the endlessly talented creator and star of the show. She displayed a witty and powerful persona on screen, as well as a captivating style of writing behind the scenes. Given the incredible success of the show and Waller-Bridge's continually growing career, many are interested in learning more about this fascinating artist.

10 She Planned For Fleabag To Be One Season

Though Fleabag was a critical hit from the beginning, its second season is really when it became the most talked-about show on television. So it's strange to think that Waller-Bridge initially envisioned the show ending for good .

Waller-Bridge stated that the show originally ended with the main character and not wanting to address the audience anymore, which felt like a fitting end. However, she then realized that with all of her secrets now out, the relationship with the audience had changed in an interesting way and was worth exploring for one more season.

9 She Is Long-Time Friends With Her On-Screen Sister

One of the best aspects of Fleabag is the relationship between Fleabag and her sister, Claire. The chemistry between Waller-Bridge and Sian Clifford really makes their relationship work so well and a lot of this could be because the two actors have a long history.


Waller-Bridge and Clifford attended the same acting school in their younger years. They even shared the same bus to class, which is where their friendship developed. While at the school, Clifford joined Waller-Bridge in a scene she wrote, which would later become part of Fleabag.

8 She Opened Her Own Theater Company

Given how important it is that the character speaks to the audience in Fleabag, it might not be surprising to learn that . Waller-Bridge wrote the one-woman show, which grew in popularity over time.

Waller-Bridge has a strong connection to the stage and even established her own theater company. Along with partner Vicky Jones, Waller-Bridge set up when they were struggling actors themselves looking for work.

7 She Auditioned For Downton Abbey

It is always interesting to see actors who have been so successful, seemingly overnight, and then hearing about their past struggles to find work and the jobs they lost out on. Waller-Bridge is no different, as she recalled a for the hit British series, .

Though Waller-Bridge refused to , she said that she read what was meant to be a very emotional and dramatic scene. Despite being happy with her performance, Waller-Bridge revealed the show's producers felt she was too funny for the role.

6 Her Relationship With Emerald Fennell

Waller-Bridge is truly one of those rare talents who seems to be as talented behind the camera as she is in front of it. This is a talent that is shared by one of her good friends, . While the two were still up-and-coming actors, they met on the Glenn Close-starring movie, Albert Nobbs.


Waller-Bridge and Fennell then collaborated on , which Waller-Bridge created and handed off to Fennell who became showrunner once Waller-Bridge left. Fennell herself went on to write and direct the Oscar-nominated .

5 She Is Dating Michael McDonagh

Unlike the titular character in Fleabag, who perhaps shares too much, Waller-Bridge understandably tries to keep her private life out of the public eye. However, her dating life was brought up when she was seen at the Emmys with her boyfriend, Martin McDonagh.

Though some fans might not be aware, Waller-Bridge and McDonagh make for something of a power couple. He is an Irish playwright and filmmaker best known for the Oscar-nominated movies,  and .

4 Daniel Craig Chose Her For Bond

Despite numerous delays, the latest James Bond movie, , is in fact coming and Waller-Bridge contributed to the script. Many fans are thrilled to see what she will bring to the historic franchise with her distinct style.

With this being , he apparently wanted to shake things up and to do rewrites for the movie, explaining that he is a huge fan of Fleabag.

3 The Origins Of Fleabag

Despite the fact that she had created another show previously, Fleabag and Waller-Bridge herself seemed to come out of nowhere. Many have wondered where this amazing series came from and Waller-Bridge admits it was a bit of an accident.


The character came about when she was asked to perform a 10-minute piece and felt like being outrageous, so she created this character who was very . She later explained further that the series also came from her cynicism in her 20s and a desire to explore "female rage."

2 She Was Unfamiliar With Star Wars

While she will soon be seen in the new movie, some fans might not be aware that she is already part of the universe. She played the droid L3-37 in Solo: A Star Wars Story but admits she hadn't seen Star Wars before auditioning.

During her audition, Waller-Bridge performed it quite regularly and when asked to do it a bit more like a droid, she had to admit that she . But she thinks her initial approach ultimately won her the role.

1 She Was A Frontrunner For Doctor Who

There was yet another big franchise that Waller-Bridge's name was attached to, even if there wasn't any truth to it actually happening. When it was announced that they would be casting a female , Waller-Bridge quickly became the favorite for the role.

Jodie Whittaker eventually got the part and explained that she felt bad that Waller-Bridge was constantly being asked about the role, knowing the whole time that she wasn't playing it.