How Dead By Daylight’s Nemesis Compares To Other Killers

BHVR's latest livestream revealed the roster of characters available in its new Resident Evil DLC. Joining the cast of playable characters will be Resident Evil 2's Leon S. Kennedy and Resident Evil 3's Jill Valentine as Survivors, with Nemesis starring alongside them as the game's new Killer. Nemesis, Leon, and Jill will all be launching with new unique perks to add to Dead By Daylight's current arsenal. The DLC's new characters are all available to play on Dead By Daylight's test server now.

; Eruption, Hysteria, and Lethal Pursuer, all of which will be teachable to other Killers through the Blood Web function. Nemesis is also bringing two abilities that introduce massive shifts to Dead By Daylight's current gameplay. The first is a collection of AI zombies that will hunt Survivors down in their vicinity. Depending on whether Survivors are already infected with the virus or not, the AI will be able to put Survivors into an injured state or infect them. The second ability is his special attack, which is a ranged tentacle strike capable of infecting Survivors, damaging infected Survivors, and breaking pallets. Players might recognize the similarity of the ranged attack with other.


Eruption is Nemesis's first perk and allows Killers to booby trap generators after damaging them. When a Survivor is downed with a basic attack, every trapped generator activates and regresses progress by 6% while also afflicting any Survivor fixing a trapped generator with the Incapacitated status for a maximum of 14 seconds. While Nemesis isn't the first Killer with the ability to trap generators, Eruption encourages a more mobile playstyle and activates more preventative measures against objective-focused Survivors. This perk also allows increased Killer control over the map, potentially increasing match times.

Hysteria is the second perk Nemesis's kit contains, which revolves around rewarding active playstyles against Survivors. This perk afflicts all Survivors with the Oblivious status once a healthy Survivor is put into an injured state. This perk pairs nicely with the AI assisting in pressuring Survivors to move around the map more and damaging them if they have already been infected. These passive pursuers serve as a complete game changer, and can effectively punish Survivors more for not paying attention to their surroundings. Hysteria also works to put more pressure on Survivors to avoid being hit at all, while in the current meta, being hit in certain situations can allow Survivors to escape from chases completely or activate perks. Fellow and Freddy Krueger have perks that charge up with strikes against Obsessions, but none that reward general damage across the board.

The third perk in Nemesis's kit is perhaps the most revolutionary: Lethal Pursuer. This perk allows Killers to see the location of Survivors for a maximum of 7 seconds at the beginning of each round. While numerous perks allow Killers to see Survivors and vice versa, Lethal Pursuer encourages swift, offensive plays for Killers. Once this perk becomes available for other Killers throughout the Blood Web, , and Pig (which depend on direct sight-lines with Survivors) can take extreme advantage of the early information. This perk could be countered with Survivor perks such as Spine Chill, which have seen regular usage since its release.

History will likely repeat itself during the first few weeks after the , with a sharp increase of players utilizing Nemesis over the usual choices. Nemesis's AI zombies will likely be a massive draw for Killer mains looking to increase the amount of pressure put on Survivors, and his Lethal Pursuer perk has already seen regular usage in Nemesis builds on the Dead By Daylight Test Servers. The Resident Evil Chapter DLC releases on June 15th for all Dead By Daylight platforms.