Biomutant: The Best Perks for Psi-Freak Class | Screen Rant

's class called Psi-Freak is one of the to play and can gain quite a bit from perks. Perks are one of the many things players can invest in along their travels, each time they level up. There are class-specific perks and miscellaneous perks that can be used by any of the classes in the game.


Players will only earn a few perk points every couple of levels, so they can be a somewhat expensive investment. They also are dependent on the player's level. The highest level requirement for any of the perks is 15 though, so there is not much stopping players past that level.

Psi-Freaks get their first perk . This perk called, Megamind, grants the player 20% extra Ki Energy Regeneration, which is extremely helpful for players focused on using the magic. Ki Energy also helps players with how much they can dodge and how far they can swim, as their Ki also works as a sort of stamina. There are 16 general perks players can choose from along with four Psi-Freak specific perks.

Psi-Freak Perks: 

  • Nocturnal (Costs one perk point) - Gives the player an extra 10 points in Intellect Attribute during the night.
  • Mind Melt (Costs one perk point) - Gives the player an extra 10% chance of inflicting a critical hit with powers.
  • Psi Spikes (Costs two perk points and is unlocked at level seven) - Boosts the player's psi power abilities damage by 10%.
  • Brain Drain (Costs three perk points and is unlocked at level 15) - Heals the player 20% when they deal damage with a psi power ability.

All of these perks are a no-brainer and should be invested in as soon as the player can. If any might be worth skipping out on, it would be Nocturnal. However, this can still be an extremely useful perk, as players can go to Resting Areas during the day and select to sleep until nightfall. Intellect is the attribute that directly affects the player's Ki, making it quite valuable to the Psi-Freak.

General Perks:

  • Adrenaline (Requires three perk points and level seven) - Player's health regeneration is increased by 40% while in combat.
  • Charmer (Costs one perk point) - Increases the player's chance of Persuasion  by one point.
  • Clip Tech (Costs two perk points) - Ranged weapons gain 25% more shots before needing to be reloaded.
  • Gunsmith (Requires three perk points and level 15) - Increases ranged weapon damage by 15%.
  • Ki Energize (Costs one perk point) - Players regain a small portion of Ki Energy after a successful special attack.
  • Luck Out (Costs one perk point) - Increases the player's loot chance by 10%.
  • Mount Mania (Costs one perk point) - Player's biological mounts get an extra 5% increase to their speed.
  • Perfect Reload (Costs three perk points) - Ranged weapons reload instantly and the next clip gains an extra 20% damage.
  • Platting (Costs two perk points) - Increases the armor value given by armor addons by 25%.
  • Technician (Requires three perk points and level seven) - Increases ranged weapon firing speed by 10%.
  • Toytinkerer (Requires two perk points and level seven) - Makes the Automaton's weapon deal 100% more damage.
  • Trigger Tech (Requires two perk points and level seven) - Reduces the reload time on ranged weapons by 33%.
  • Whet (Requires three perk points and level 15) - Increases melee weapon damage by 15%.
  • Wung-Fu Barrage (Requires three perk points and level 15) - Up to five unarmed attacks in a row, players inflict an extra 3% damage for each following hit.
  • Wung-Fu Wonder (Costs two perk points) - The player's unarmed attacks deal an extra 20% damage.

Out of these perks, not a lot is incredibly useful for the Psi-Freak. The more useful ones in the bunch are Adrenaline, Ki Energize, Wung-Fu Barrage, and Wung-Fu Wonder. Depending on the player's favorite weapons to use, certain perks may be more useful. However, as Psi-Freak is one of the few classes that starts out with unarmed weapons, the Wung-Fu perks should be the best weapon perks available to the player.


Biomutant is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Coming soon to PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.