Dexter's New Identity Secretly Hints At Fixing His Season 8 Mistake

The latest  reboot teaser trailer reveals his new identity as "Jimmy Lindsay," and it also secretly hints at fixing his season 8 mistake. The long-running Showtime series gained explosive popularity after introducing Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) in 2006. It offered a fresh and morally relative look at the life of a serial killer, as Dexter directed his compulsion to kill toward other violent people as a sort of secret vigilante. He adhered to a strict inner code, instilled by his late father, Harry, regarding who was"okay" to kill and who wasn't. And he did all this as he tried to build a conventionally normal sort of life that had always felt so elusive to him.

By nature, 's love of violence and blood had to be a secretive component of his life, one that he camouflaged by working as a blood-spatter analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department. But in season 8, he found an apprentice for his work in local teenager Zach Hamilton (Sam Underwood). Zach was driven by a similar urge to kill, but he had never had a mentor as Dexter had in his own youth. And Dexter decided to be that for him, taking pity on the young man and seeing their clear similarities. He began teaching Zach the way of Harry's code until he fell victim to season 8's villain, a serial killer known as the "Brain Surgeon," due to his involvement with the show's titular character.


Though Dexter was trying to do the right thing (albeit in the show's signature, twisted way), his work with Zach ended up being a fatal mistake. And judging by the upcoming may be attempting to make up for it. He's shown roaming the snowy small town that appears to be his new home (the same climate was featured in the first teaser) and answering to his new identity: Jimmy Lindsay. When he passes a group of teenagers on the street, they greet him as warmly as the other townsfolk. But they refer to him as "Mr. Lindsay," and he responds to them using their first names. There's a clear implication that everyone's favorite serial killer is a well-liked teacher in his new town. Whether it's a conscious decision or not, he's most likely trying to correct what went wrong the last time he was a mentor to a teen.

A teaching job is a fitting occupation for . He loved his wife's kids, Cody and Astor, like they were his own throughout the series. And he thought the world of his own son, Harrison, even wanting to shield him from similar killing compulsions that he always feared would inevitably surface in the boy's gene pool. He was also always able to project a friendly, usually well-liked demeanor. But although it's easy to see Dexter as a teacher, the psychology behind such a decision would be incredibly flawed. He can't atone for any perceived sins of the past by living a completely different life (though, based on his reaction to the knife display in the teaser, his new life might not be all that different from his old one).

The will undoubtedly seek to amend some of the damage done by the show's widely disliked finale in 2013. Whether that can be done remains to be seen. But, surely, any possible attempts to right past wrongs in relation to the deaths of Zach, or even more influential characters like Deb or Rita, will never truly work out, regardless of how starkly Dexter's new life contrasts his old one.