Superman & Batman's Bond Is Bigger Than the Justice League

Warning: spoilers ahead for Justice League #61!

In the latest issue of DC Comics' , it's just been proved yet again that and are closer as friends and allies than they are with anyone else on the current team. The Dark Knight and Man of Steel have a strong bond, and the two heroes certainly hold a lot of trust in one another, especially during times of crisis. For example, this new issue sees Superman struggling to control his abilities, and the first person he calls for help is Batman.

In prior issues of Justice League from writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist David Marquez, the Justice League have been battling the , who's seeking to conquer Earth as his own. He also hails from the same homeworld of the League's newest member Naomi McDuffie. While the League had simply been responding to his attacks with sudden teleportations to Earth, the League has decided to go on the offensive with Justice League #61, following Brutus back to his and Naomi's homeworld, ready to strike back. However, the Justice League's arrived split up from one another, and the team's super-powered members have been reacting strangely to the new world.


While heroes such as Black Canary and Hawkgirl saw their powers get a boost and amplification with no problems, things aren't going so great for Superman. While his heat vision became amped as well, it became so powerful that he couldn't control it, leading to him staying airborne so as not to accidentally harm anyone. Additionally, Superman's struggle motivated him to call on Batman for help, revealing that he and the Dark Knight have a private  communication channel.

Unfortunately, Brutus takes advantage of Superman's inability to see and delivers a nasty blow that takes Superman out for the count (at least temporarily). Regardless, it's interesting that Batman and Superman essentially have their own private chat apart from the greater League group chat. It does make sense considering how often they work as a duo in the DC Universe, and it's another piece of evidence that disproves the ridiculous idea that and are at odds with one another.

In any case, the Justice League certainly has its work cut out for them in their next battle away from Earth. Superman in particular is now facing the , who needs a visor to contain his optic blasts. Regardless, it's clear that this new world is generating some weird effects in the League members with superpowers, and it seems as though it's all connected to how the world was conquered and turned into an apocalyptic wasteland. Furthermore, both Superman and Black Adam have been taken out by Brutus as a result of its strange effects. Heres's hoping Batman and the rest of the Justice League still standing will be able to get to the bottom of it as the series continues.