Stephen King Shares Why His LISEY'S STORY Series is So Important To Him in New Featurette

Stephen King has said time and time again that Lisey’s Story is his favorite story that he’s written. It’s very important to him and he kept the rights to the story to himself because he is the one that wanted to adapt the story. Well, he was given that opportunity thanks to Apple TV+, and I’ve liked what I’ve seen from it so far.

We have a new featurette here for you to check out that features King talking about the story and explains why this story is so important to him. The concept of the story was inspired by King’s experience when he almost died. The idea for the novel sprang from a sudden realization he had when he came home from the hospital and saw that all of his belongings were in boxes. Because of that, he saw a vision of what his studio would look like after his death. The featurette also features interviews with J.J Abrams, Julianne Moore, and Clive Owen along with some new footage from the series.

The story follows a character named Lisey Landon, and it’s set two years after her husband's death. Lisey “decides it's time to go through his office to clear out his papers. Scott Landon was a bestselling novelist and Lisey has been besieged by people wanting to buy any of his unpublished work but she is determined not to let that happen. As she begins the process of cleaning, she is contacted by an unsavory character who claims that if she does not turn over the papers, he will make her suffer the consequences. Finding strength she did not know she had and never used during their marriage, Lisey refuses, and true to his word, 'Zack McCool' begins to stalk her. Lisey begins to remember strange events from her marriage that she had suppressed and finds clues that may help save her life."

When talking about the series, the star of the series, Julianne Moore, explained:

"I was attracted to it because of Stephen, and also because it was something that was so personal to him. One of the things that's amazing about Stephen and his writing is that he's able to explore human relationships but in a fantastical way. [This story] was sort of investigating the idea of an adult, mature relationship and a long-term one — a marriage — and what it meant to them personally, the secrets that they shared."

She also said that the series is “incredibly faithful to its source material, right down to all the genre-hopping. It's all in there. Because there's so much in it — psychological horror, romance, mystery, a science-fiction-like quality, sort of scary brutality — sometimes I was like, holy cow, what now?"

The rest of the cast includes Dane DeHaan, Joan Allen, and Jennifer Jason Leigh. It was directed by Pablo Larraín. Now, check out the trailer below! The series will premiere on Apple TV+ on June 4th.