Learn About Bringing Tabletop Games to Life Next Week at d4: Tabletop Creative Conference

Next weekend, Comic-Con Museum will be hosting a two-day event called d4: Tabletop Creative Conference. This free virtual event will take place on June 5-6 via the and is aimed at those who are trying to develop their own tabletop games.

There will be a slew of guest speakers including Tanya DePass (creative director, Motherlands RPG), B Dave Walters (lead developer, Into The Motherlands RPG), Becca Scott (host, Good Times Society), Ivan Van Norman (head of development, Darrington Press), Gabe Hicks (game designer, Roll20), Eric Lang (game designer, Marvel United), Tanya Thompson (director, global product acquisitions, Hasbro), Damon Saddler (key lead designer, Mattel), and more.

There will also be pre-recorded panels covering a variety of topics including the following:

  • Design: The creation of play patterns, artwork and graphics that elevate the gaming experience.

  • Development: Encompassing testing and improvement of games towards publication.

  • Discuss: Marketing and media in the Tabletop game space, from podcasts to promotion and everything in between.

  • Discovery: An emphasis on helping players and publishers identify emerging trends and hot new games that define the future of the hobby.

Talking about the event, Eddie Ibrahim said:

Tabletop gaming brings people together and while we still can’t gather in-person for this conference, we are excited to provide those in the tabletop game industry and those interested in the industry the opportunity to convene virtually to get involved in the process behind creating games and learn more about the skills needed to get games published. Hosting this conference expands on our offerings and aligns with our mission of promoting and supporting areas of popular art that might otherwise not receive the attention they deserve.

In addition, there will be a panel where you can pitch your own game ideas to a panel of experts in the Game Review. The experts will then provide feedback on both the game and the pitch. You can register to participate now at the .

If you’ve ever thought about making a tabletop game, this sounds like an amazing opportunity to learn.