A Quiet Place 2's $58 Million Opening Weekend Smashes Pandemic Records

has finally been released and has scored a new pandemic-era record with it. John Krasinski directed the sequel which has currently brought in over $48M and is poised to finish Memorial Day weekend with $58.5M. What makes these numbers even more special is the fact that the sequel was expected to make around the same amount of money in March 2020, when the film was originally slated to premiere. And this is with a shortened theatrical window before the film gets released on Paramount+.


Speaking of streaming premieres, Disney’s villain origin story Cruella is also making a sizable turnout, currently bringing in around $23M. The film is expected to end the four-day weekend with $26.5M, which is still a respectable amount. However, Disney has not currently revealed how many people ordered the film through its Disney+ Premier Digital Access service, where the film might get a sizable bump in earnings. As for A Quiet Place Part II, the film is quickly approaching its $61M budget, and only on its first weekend.

This four-day weekend has brought in big numbers in general. Spiral: From The Book of Saw has brought in an additional $4.5M in its third weekend, while Guy Ritchie’s Wrath of Man acquired an extra $2.9M in its fourth. Memorial Day weekend has always been a prime spot for summer releases, so it is no surprise that this year’s weekend signaled the return of movie theaters around America.

A Quiet Place Part II, Wrath of Man, Spira: From The Book of Saw and Cruella are now playing in theaters, with the latter being also available on Disney+ Premier Digital Access.