Mammuth: Ste4lth – The Next Generation RC car

Mammuth Works revealed the prototype of an RC car that could revolutionize our hobby. The Ste4lth is a next generation RC model that features advanced technologies: just connect your WiFi capable device to the car’s hotspot and change the behavior of the car and watch telemetry data.

Change between 4WD, RWD or FWD with just two clicks, you don’t need to stop the car, the changes applied immidiately! In 4WD mode you can adjust the front / rear drive ratio. You can also adjust the brake balance with ease!

The system can drive the 4 wheels independently, that’s why it’s capable to add more speed to the outer wheels in cornering. The level of this effect is also adjustable or you can turn it off completely.

The Ste4lth doesn’t have axles, gears, differentials so you don’t have to worry about drive failures, no more broken axles and worn out gears, forget oils and grease.


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