Friday5 With Team Driver Jonah Wilson

In this edition of the JConcepts Friday5 we talk to Tennessee team driver, Jonah Wilson!

1. How did you get started in RC? Was it racing right away, or did you bash vehicles before you found out about the RC race scene?

I started RC when I was three years old with a Traxxas Stampede. I just bashed around, and went to the track with my dad every now and then to practice until I was six, which is when I got a Team Associated RC8.2E RTR Electric Buggy and started racing.

2. What is your biggest win to date and why?

My biggest win would be Pro Electric Truggy at my local track, , which had a total of over 300 entries. In the past year I’ve started traveling to bigger races and have not placed first yet, but I have gotten 3 podiums in Electric Truggy, 2 in Intermediate Electric Buggy, and 1 in Intermediate Nitro Buggy (all at Racetime Entertainment events).

3. From your experience what is the easiest AND hardest maintenance task on your RC cars?

From my experience changing the diffs is the easiest when it comes to maintaining my cars and rebuilding the shocks is the hardest. I just started racing nitro at the end of December and I am still learning all the additional maintenance and tuning that nitro requires.

4. To date what is your favorite JConcepts product of all time and why?

My favorite JConcepts product would be the Green compound for both truggy and buggy because they work on just about every track and are a safe tire option.

5. You are obviously highly skilled when it comes to RC cars, but what is one skill or hidden talent that folks might be surprised to find out about you?

I’m really good at soccer, but I chose to quit to focus more on my RC racing.