2021 Silver State Recap & Track Tire Guides

This past weekend the JConcepts team traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada for the 2021 Silver State Race. The race took place at the South Point Casino which hosts a large equestrian arena, the perfect spot for an RC track! Attendees couldn’t have asked for a better set up. The venue featured 11 different restaurants, a pool, a spa, a bowling alley, and of course hotel rooms. As for the track surface it was loamy, damp, rutted, and bumpy by the end of the weekend. Take a look at the track layout below.

Let’s take a moment to talk tires. This weekend drivers experimented with several different tires and compounds which made for an interesting event. We started the weekend off on Green Reflexes primarily and moved to blue.  As the weekend progressed we saw drivers try Kosmos, Lil Chasers, and Stalkers. All of these are pin style tires, but have different features with various benefits. For the mains, Ryan Maifield used the Reflex for Nitro Truck, Kosmos for E-Buggy, and Lil Chasers for Nitro Buggy. At the very end of this article you’ll find the winning Tire Setup Guides from Maifield, Drake, and Jones.

We often see the Reflex used at 1:8 events as it probably is the most versatile tire in the line-up. However, we wanted to take this opportunity to share more about Kosmos. The Kosmos were designed specifically for big dusty, dry, rutted, bumpy, and edgy tracks (much like the Silver State Track). The tire features block tread, staggered rows, a zig/zag appearance, and a carcass designed for forward traction. All of this was created with the idea to help minimize rolling and mistakes on these rough tracks. Check out the video below where Maifield, Jones, and VanDalen talk about tires.


Pro Nitro Truck: Ryan Maifield (1)

Pro Nitro Buggy: Seth VanDalen (1), Tyler Jones (2), Joe Bornhorst (3), Spencer Rivkin (4), Jackson Brunson (5)

Pro E-Buggy: Joe Bornhorst (3), Ryan Maifield (4), Tyler Jones (5)

40+ Nitro Truck: Shane Preugschat (3)

Int. Nitro Truck: Cade Burnette (3)

Qualifying (Best 2 of 3):

Int. Nitro Buggy: Cade Burnette (3)

Pro E-Buggy: Tyler Jones (1), Ryan Maifield (2), Dakotah Phend (3), Joe Bornhorst (5)

Pro Nitro Buggy: Seth VanDalen (1), Spencer Rivkin (4)

Pro Nitro Truck: Ryan Maifield (1), Dakotah Phend (3), Joe Bornhorst (4), Seth VanDalen (5)

Final Results:

40+ Nitro Truck: Ronda Drake (3)

Int. Nitro Truck: Ronda Drake (1)

Pro E-Buggy: Tyler Jones (1), Ryan Maifield (2)

The tone goes off, and because of the sizable challenge that first triple possesses there was some chaos at first. Luckily, they all were able to recover relatively quick. Tyler Jones started 1st on the grid and was able to maintain his lead. Maifield was fighting for that second spot with Denney on his wing. Jones got caught on the pipe, Maifield got out in front. They were drag racing down the front straightaway… it was so close! Jones, Rivkin and Maifield were now in a 3 way battle for first. Tyler Jones started to lengthen the lead as there was some carnage behind him. Maifield took it wide and got around Jones right before the straightaway. There was 1/10th of a second between the two. They were both trying to push the speed while keeping their cars steady. Maifield had created a small gap.  1.7 second difference. 5 seconds left and  Jones got by on the last straightaway! Jones and Maifield battled hard, both giving it their all!

Pro Nitro Buggy: Ryan Maifield (1), Seth VanDalen (2), Spencer Rivkin (3)

Everyone quietly walked the track in anticipation for what was about to happen. They were looking for hazards and trying to decide their lines. Drivers  talked lowly to their pit crews making an action plan and waiting for it all to begin. A silence fell among drivers as they waited in line before entering the drivers stand, where their fate would soon be determined. The sound of nitro engines erupt right after driver introductions conclude and a small chatter settles among the crowd. “Roll em out and check em in,” the announcer called.

The final command was made, “Down and Quiet.”  Drivers took one last deep breathe. The tone sounds, and they were off! VanDalen, Maifield, and Jones were your top 3 from the beginning. Things always seem to mix up quickly right out of the gate. Jones from the bump spot was side by side with Maifield who was in 2nd. Jones was hunting down VanDalen. It was going to be 45 minutes of hard pressed racing. A small bobble by VanDalen allowed Jones to get out in front. VanDalen was on the hunt. Rivkin moved into 3rd. Jones tumbled, VanDalen got by. It was still early.  They’re back to battling. Tebo, Rivkin, and Maifield were battling for 3rd. A tumble for VanDalen, Jones got out front. Almost immediately after, Maifield took over the lead. Maifield had a bobble, Jones and VanDalen were now 1 &2. Things were mixing up it was VanDalen, Maifield and Tebo! Running as close as they were it would only take the smallest bobble for anyone to take over. Maifield took the lead. A small bobble on the back bluff from VanDalen let Rivkin, Tebo, and Jones get by. Jones and VanDalen got close together, VanDalen squeezed by into 4th. It was a pile up between Rivkin, VanDalen and Jones after the right side bluff. The new order was Rivkin, Jones,  and VanDalen for places 3rd -5th. Maifield was leading with Tebo close by. Tebo got by Maifield they were battling it out. The track was ruthless. Rivkin and Jones got back out into 3rd and 4th. Those three were running so close it kept going back and forth. Maifield got out in front, everyone started to go through pit stops. Tebo, Maifield, and Rivkin were all closing the gap on each other. Maifield made the pass on Tebo. Tebo rolled it over and  Rivkin flew into 2nd. Rivkin was in for fuel. 17:50 remaining. Maifield took a tumble down the ruthless bluff, Tebo made up time the battle has gotten closer as he moved back into 2nd.  Maifield, Tebo, Jones and VanDalen were all taking a different line compared to others. Maifield gained a 10 second lead on Tebo with 11 minutes to go. VanDalen was now battling Tebo for 2nd. Tebo took the wide line right before the straightaway. VanDalen did something a little different and took the inside line and passed Tebo. Tebo regained his spot.  It was Maifield, Tebo, VanDalen, and  Rivkin with 4 minutes to go! Maifield had a 16 second lead. Tebo rolled it over.  VanDalen and Rivkin got by. VanDalen was now in 2nd. Rivkin was trying to run away from Tebo.  Rivkin took the wide line into the final stretch and secured 3rd overall!

Pro Nitro Truck: Ryan Maifield (2), Dakotah Phend (3)

The first turn of the race was a challenge for drivers. They all had to make it through the triple to avoid potentially ruining the first portion of the race. There was a pile up after that first triple, Tebo got the best of it and took the lead. Maifield was sitting in 2nd, with Jones taking over shortly after. They were all running close. Maifield went outside and then inside and squeezed by Jones back into the 2 spot within the first couple of minutes of the race. Maifield was on the hunt for Tebo. Maifield got twirled around on his nose but landed it! Phend and Heckert got by, Maifield was on Phend’s wing. He was not letting this go. Dirt was flying, Phend blew through the turn Thomas Tran caught his truck and threw him back on to the track flawlessly. Fuel stops were happening. Maifield made up some time and regained the lead. After some time elapsed Tebo got back out in front and the original positions pre-fuel stops remained. Maifield got turned over by lap traffic but maintained his 2nd place position. 15 min in and 30 minutes remaining it’s Tebo, Maifield, and Phend as your top 3. Tebo had a 15 second lead at this point. It was still early and anyone’s race. Maifield and Phend were 5 seconds apart. 8 minutes left and those top 3 were pretty spread out. 2 minutes left and positions have remained the same something dramatic would have to happen for things to switch up before the final tone. The race concluded as Tebo, Maifield and Phend. 

There were so many noteworthy performances this weekend and we are proud of our drivers! Ronda Drake absolutely killed it going from the Intermediate Nitro Truck B main, to the Nitro Truck A main, and coming out on top a champion! Lee Setser also had a great Nitro Truck B-Main where he started 12th on the grid and worked his way up to the win. From there he finished 12th overall in the A-Main. Jeff Guest had a killer run in qual 1 of  40+ Nitro Buggy where he took the TQ. There were of course so many other awesome runs this weekend as well.

As promised, here are the tire guides from our winning drivers!

Ryan Maifield: 

Tyler Jones:

Ronda Drake:

A big thanks to Joey and The Dirt Crew for putting on such an awesome event! Up next, we will be preparing for the ROAR 1:8 Fuel Nationals at LCRC Raceway in Pennsylvania! What’s your next race?