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UN Hails Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik’s ‘Disaster Management’ Efforts & Proud Odias Take Over Twitter

We all witnessed the wrath that the recent cyclones have brought upon the western and eastern coasts of India in the past few weeks. 

The super severe cyclone Yaas left a trail of destruction in West Bengal and Odisha just a week ago. 

However, the way each state government tackles and mitigates these natural disasters has a lot to do with the amount and severity of destruction caused.   

Cyclone Yaas
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Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik has always made sure that he does whatever it takes to fight the natural calamities in his state which is prone to such disasters, and his record proves that. 

The Odisha government evacuated more than 7 lakh people timely in order to keep them safe during cyclone Yaas.  

Naveen Patnaik
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Patnaik’s efforts and planning got recognition from the United Nations. 

He recently got appreciation for his well-resourced disaster management and authority and we couldn't be more proud.   

The chief of UN office for disaster risk reduction (UNDRR), Mami Mizutori found Odisha’s disaster management and planning exemplary and note-worthy for other state governments. 

She said that they can learn “strengthening disaster risk governance, investing in preparedness and scenario planning while spreading a greater understanding of disaster risk” from Odisha.

“Patnaik ... has provided political commitment necessary to build a robust and well-resourced disaster management authority ..In 1999, some 10,000 people died on Odisha coastline and that has never been repeated,” she said.  

Naveen Patnaik
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Upon learning this, Twitter India filled with pride and lauded the CM for his work and excellent leadership.

Good work should always be appreciated. We sincerely appreciate the work done by Sh. in order to protect the the citizens of Odisha from cyclone.

— Gaurav Goel (@goelgauravbjp)

Really appreciated the efforts you people also done. Proud of our beloved CM.
# leadership

— SinghSight (@PriyadrshiSingh)

Proud of our CM for his guidance and leadership.

— Ranbeer (@Ranbeerrrr)

When 4.5 crore people is your family & you work day & night without taking any rest if it's a cyclone or any disaster then this should have to be done.

— Vkpandianfanclub (@Vkpandianfancl1)

Naveen babu exemplifies what a good statesman should be. That's why he's without a doubt the longest-serving Chief Minister.

— Sooraj (@sooraj_08)

Naveen Patnaik has served as the CM of Odisha for more than two decades now and is one of the longest-serving CMs in history. 

In his tenure, he has handled calamities exceptionally and has been praised by the UN multiple times for his management. We are so proud!