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5 Different Ways Of Styling Vests & Channeling Your Inner Lazy-Guy

If you live in one of the hotter regions, you know the struggle is real. Be it sunburns, incessant sweating or heat boils and acne, summers are anything but easy on the skin. 

With such extreme climatic conditions staying indoors is the only possible relief. Not to forget, the more we stay in, the safer we’ll be from the virus. 

More so, what’s better than chilling in your loungewear all day while sipping on some iced drinks? 

Here are 5 different ways of styling your trustee vest and making your summers a lot more stylish! 






The Bottomline 

Investing in new clothes is nothing but a waste at this point. Go for casual and versatile loungewear instead. It’s something that you’ll use right now as well as in the future. Vests are a great example of versatile and functional clothing that’s great for home wear as well as usual casual wear. 

Go on and get styling!