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Premium Non-Alcoholic Cannabis Botanical Fable Introduced

, a new line of cannabis-infused botanical beverages will be made available for purchase this July in select California dispensaries, lounges, and delivery platforms. 

The Fable brand comes in four varieties of intentionally crafted THC/CBD cocktails that draw inspiration from modern mixology, adding a premium cannabis product to the burgeoning alcohol-alternative beverage market. Each 12 oz bottle delivers three cocktail servings, containing a microdose of 4 mg THC and 2 mg CBD per serving.



“Making a great happy hour drink, minus the alcohol, was challenging,” said Fable CEO and co-founder Ben Kennedy. “The viscosity, the bite, the quality of ingredients, and how they all work together are the foundation of Fable. Our four cocktails deliver a tasting experience that is just as special as the cannabis buzz.”

Fable stakes its claim as a truly premium beverage by curating high-quality ingredients and creating a layered taste experience. The Fable line-up includes:

Night Flight: Ginger yields to cucumber, blackberry, and hibiscus notes while spearmint and lemon peel lend brightness.

Hive Society: Lemongrass and basil blend with a honeyed whisper of jasmine.

Best Zest: A bouquet of grapefruit, orange, and lime open. Cinnamon and cardamom finish with warmth.

Into the Woods: Hints of rosemary and peach are grounded by juniper and white oak.

Fable’s line of ready-to-drink, cannabis cocktails is the intersection of two emerging markets: the alcohol-alternative and cannabis beverage markets. Both Millennials and Gen Z are reportedly cutting back on alcohol and are more likely to explore the “sober curious” movement in the name of wellness.   

“The cannabis beverage market is one of the most exciting sectors of the industry to take part in right now,” Kennedy said. “It will only continue to grow. In the future, I believe my friends will be able to buy Fable in New York, Las Vegas, Miami, London, and many other cities across the world, just like they do an alcoholic cocktail today.”

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