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Huckberry: Up to 35% off Long Weekend Sale

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Huckberry is different. They specialize in high performing gear, shoes, and clothes, all which needs to get the job done WHILE looking awesome. And this year, they’re heading into the unofficial start of summer with a big sale on in-season stuff. Not just cooler weather gear (although there’s lots of that too for the serious deal hunters out there).

This is, so far, a quiet roll out. Pretty sure they give it a day or two before they start shouting from the mountain tops about this thing. Off we go with some picks. This might be a “hide the wallet situation” for some of us. Myself included. Free shipping kicks in at $98, and being that Huckberry deals in pretty high quality stuff, know then that a lot of but not all of this stuff ships and returns for free. Over 1100 items in this one. It’s pretty good. Off we go with the picks.


  • ($175)

  • ($265)

  • ($175)

  • ($198)

Eyebrows legitimately went up and a squeal might have come out. That’s a really, really nice set of new on-sale prices. A new addition to the Rhodes line of boots by Huckberry. This “Caliber” collection has soles inspired by workwear boots that cushion, and look pretty darn good. Especially if you’re the type who loves to wear boots year round, and the heavier lug soles of winter just look too out of place in spring and summer. .


or ($35)

Kindly inxpensive sunglasses get even cheaper. Polarized lenses. Kinda digging those maroon/amber options. Could be a nice way to warm up a summertime look if you tend to wear cooler colors.



“An OBRA sneaker is built tough like a boot but supportive like a running shoe—two strengths you wouldn’t normally attribute to a classic sneaker.” Okay. If that’s their point of differentiation, then a lot of us are all ears. Because after so many burpees or hours at work on your feet and you come home and you want to Mr. Rogers style change into some sneakers and Chucks seem more like a torture device than comfortable shoes. No personal experience with these. Yet. But that might change. Because, burpees.



If you’re gonna “sweat pants“… sweat pants right. And this is right. Made in the USA. Midweight French terry. Four wheelhouse options. These ain’t crappy bargain fast fashion sweats.



And the shorts version. Still made in the USA. Because trying to escape the drawstring shorts trend this summer will be like trying not to hear in 1999. You’ll be walking through a Walgreens one hungover morning looking for floss and ! It’ll be there. I swear to you, funeral parlors were playing “Smooth” in 1999. It covered the earth like nitrogen.



Freaking nitrogen, man.



Steal alert right there. Got ’em, love ’em, have . Those green laces. Can’t say enough good things about these boots. The Danner Vertigo 917 doesn’t look like a  pair of space-aged sneakers pretending to be trail-worthy. They are trail worthy and can handle themselves outdoors. They’re waterproof, and they do just fine in rain and snow. They’re lightweight, but still have just enough support. Waterproof and breathable. And they weirdly “go” with a lot of outfits. A pretty much perfect pair of 4 season boots. Yes, even summer. Java (shown above) is down to $120.98. Which is unheard of. The lighter brown “light brown” (nicely named) will run you $154. Which is also a nice deal.



No daypack has any right looking that pretty.



It’s the spring/summer version of their hugely popular made in the USA waxed trucker from Flint and Tinder. No “toasty” (always use the word toasty when referring to the original waxed trucker) flannel or wool lining to these. Unlined. Still made in the USA. Made from British Millerain’s Tekwax Evolution 6 fabric, which is lightweight and breathes. Four colors to pick from here: Black, Brown, Field Tan, and Forest.



Chino/jogger hybrids. So you get the cool crispness of chino, with the comfort and looks of a jogger. Marine Layer stuff just isn’t cheap (more than a few of us have had sticker shock opening up a snail mail catalog of theirs and seeing prices…) So, nice to see at least some sort of a price cut here.



Relaxed slip on sneakers for the summer months. Prints are big. Big enough that they’ve moved to shoes.



From their in-house, excellent brand PROOF. They of the 72-hour merino collection. No wool here. All poly that they say is soft and stretchy and good for four season wear.



Same price, different brand, no kangaroo pocket up front. Don’t have any personal experience with the hoodie, but for what it’s worth I’m a huge fan of the Lululemon metal vent tech stuff.



Just a warning that these are pretty “field-y”. They’ve got a game pocket on the back and everything. Not super polished. But they could make for a dressed down/rumpled blazer with plenty of details. Or, even some lightweight outerwear.



What appears to be a pretty plain & basic field jacket at first (and second) glance, actually has so many super smart details and design elements packed into it, that its earned rave reviews. Seriously, just read some of the reviews on the Huckberry site. Body of the jacket is a 73% cotton, 25% Sorbtek, 2% lycra blend. “Sorbtek” is allegedly a “cutting edge” fiber that wicks moisture away from your skin? So no more swampy feeling like one could/would get in all cotton field jackets.


(reg. $35 per)

  • (or any three for $95)

  • (or any three for $95)

  • (or any three for $95)

  • (or any three for $95)

From their newish “45” brand, dedicated to making great t-shirts in the USA. Saves you ten bucks if you buy three at a time. And holy cow it seems like these are a hit. Really well reviewed. Slub pocket crews. Curved hem tees. Basic crews made out of Supima cotton. They’re not a $9 Target t-shirt, but that’s not what they’re going for. Will appeal to some. Won’t to others. That’s okay either way.



GLACIER SHIELDS!!! Those side shields are magnetic, and come off easily. So, y’know, when you’re not hiking up K2 you can take those shields off if you’d like. Polarized too.



Fully understand that the sneaker chelsea mashup isn’t for everyone. But unlike a dress shoe sneaker matchup, sneaker chelseas are just… more simple? They just seem to make more sense, and are a bit easier on the eye. They’re a great jeans/chinos shoe. Polo or t-shirt and maybe a casual chino or knit blazer up top. . Sizes are starting to get scattered.



Pretty sizable discount on this thing. Now, that’s a lot of money. But if you want a sporty, tough, do anything and go anywhere watch without the bulk that usually comes with divers and other tool style watches? This 36mm option is about as good as it gets. Swiss made. 300m water resistance. Sapphire crystal.



Flint and Tinder’s famous chinos, only in a lighter weight with stretch for the warmer weather. And these are still made in the USA. .


, , or

  • ($198)

  • ($230)

  • ($265)

Made in the proud shoe & boot hub that is Leon Mexico, these are Goodyear Welted . Yes, their looks to be more warm weather appropriate (and thankfully also on sale). But a good pair of boots is a good pair of boots. And these? These are a good pair of boots. I know. Profound.



Stop it.



“But I want a sweatshirt.” “But I want a henley.” Well here you have both. Made in the USA too. French terry, rubber buttons, chest pocket. Nicely done. Also available in a washed navy.



I think the entire WFH thing introduced a lot of guys to the world of house shoes. Temperature regulating wool blend uppers. Leather footbed molds to the shape of your foot over time for a personalized fit.



From our man Ryan: You’ve got classic pilot looks, but a little more warmth, and zero bulk. It’s about as bulky as a packable down jacket. That kind of versatility pays big dividends when you’re not sure what kind of weather you’ll be up against. I mean, classic flight jackets were designed for fighter pilots in open WWI cockpits, so.. it should probably be able to handle a cool afternoon into a past-chilly night with ease, right? . Also available in Navy.



Is it sweater season? No. Is it ever a BAD time for a 100% cashmere crewneck? Also no!



Still sizes 8.5, 9, 10, and 11 available at post time. Handmade in Massachusetts from really, really nice materials. Handsome as all get out. Legitimate cushioning and support. And that nubby Vibram sole is resoleable (yes really). They also go with tons of casual stuff.



Big fan of . The Huckberry exclusive brand is modern without looking spacey, and rugged while still looking awesome in the city. See their . These stealth down hoodies also play nicely in both the woods and among the concrete skyscrapers. Nice to know that the down is certified by the Responsible Down Standard. Sizes are scattered here. Two color options.



Made in Italy. Natural crepe rubber sole that’s pretty much nature’s way of providing basketball shoe like cushioning. Easy slip on/off is perfect for keeping your out-of-doors shoes out-of-doors, and your in-house shoes in-house. Although these can be both if you’re not as worried about that sorta thing.


(reg. $64 per)

A lot of guys swear by the Flint and Tinder 365 pants, as well as their shorts come the warm weather, but man alive do they charge a pretty penny. And it appears that prices went up a few weeks ago on these things (used to be priced at $58, now $64), so any sort of savings is appreciated. Gotta buy two pairs, but once you do that the price drops to $108 total ($54 per, usually $64 per) and Huckberry ships for free at $98 too. So yeah, free shipping + returns = always a good thing. Available in either 7″ or 9″ inseams.



It’s two (two!) two sweatshirts in one. Made in the USA too.


FINAL ($165)

A rare final sale item (meaning no returns on this thing). But Mystery Ranch has a loyal following for good reason. Incredible materials, great build quality, gets the job done with flying colors.



Two colors to pick from. Nubuck uppers. All the retro mountaineering style. Made in Italy.


($98 – $108)

Guaranteed for ten years, come with the “we’ll repair it” guarantee, and these things are made out of premium, hard wearing materials (23 oz fleece from South Carolina, Zippers from Georgia, metal tipped drawcords, etc.) Listen, the 10-year hoodie is either something you’re all in on, or something you want nothing to do with. And that’s okay, either way. Zip fronts are on sale for $86. Pullovers are now $78.

This big Huckberry sale goes live to the public (they start sending out email blasts about it) tomorrow, Thursday 5/27. Prices are set to go back up on some of this stuff on June 1st. We miss something that should have been included in the above picks? Send those tips to joe@dappered.com.