7 Things {Mature} Men NEVER Do!

Some of you need to GROW UP because I see mature men acting like immature boys.

How guys can act so juvenile

  1. Act like little whiny bitches — instead don’t get offended or bent out of shape at the world. Don’t try to cancel this and cancel that.

  2. Get pissed off and want to fight — instead don’t fight because some dude thinks your spicy senorita is sexy. Mature men are secure and just nod their head & smirk to send a subliminal message that they are absolutely ‘the man’.

  3. Dress like a douche — instead dress with purpose! No sagging pants or wrinkled clothing. Make sure your clothing fits, coordinate your outfits, and wear a proper belt. Fabric belts are perfect for the summertime.

  4. Curse and use foul language all the time — this goes for not only what is said but what is typed

  5. Spend too much time on social media — stop posting selfies all the time too. Reduce your online time and don’t live vicariously through other people.

  6. Allow themselves to be pushed around physically, mentally, or emotionally — don’t allow yourself to be a victim. If you need to get counseling or therapy to help, by all means, get yourself there. Also, don’t make other people feel bad about themselves for lifestyle choices they make. Is it affecting you? No. Let them do them, and let you do you.

  7. Push down or hide feelings their dealing with — stop carrying baggage from the past and more forward. Discover your maturity and develop your emotional intelligence, which leads to apologies, possible hard conversations, and forgiveness.

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