10 Shoes Men Wear That Women HATE!

The super sassy hair styling sirens of Salon Posta are back! The inspiration for this video is their brutal honesty about Alpha’s footwear. BTW, girls DO notice your shoes! They ARE looking, so make sure your shoe game is not weak or whack.

Women don’t like these types of men’s footwear

  1. Flip flops — they shouldn’t be super big. Alpha thinks the flip flops (Rainbow brand) can be rocked in the right situation.

  2. Birkenstock sandals and mandals — it boils down to seeing your toes. If you expose your toes, make sure they’re taken care of.

  3. Cowboy boots — there are better boots that are amazing, however, such as the chukka and Chelsea boot. Alpha shows different versions.

  4. Running shoes with jeans — it looks terrible. Instead wear retro inspired sneakers. You can elevate the style by investing in white minimal leather sneakers or black/brown with leather laces. Try out a leather high-top to step outside your style box.

  5. Crocs — you look like you’re going to kindergartner. They are great yard shoes but don’t wear them anywhere else.

  6. Boat shoes — Alpha has never liked boat shoes (they aren’t stylish).

  7. Shiny business shoes — super shiny (patent leather) needs to be taken down in shine. Look for a clean loafer, and match the finish of the shoe matches your belt.  Laces on dress shoes should also be changed to loafer or double monk.

  8. Snakeskin printed shoes — ‘look at me shoes’

  9. Sketchers — some are fugly

  10. DIRTY shoes! — make sure you keep your shoes, laces, leather, and soles clean. Use a Magic Eraser to keep them super clean.


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