7 Things She WANTS You to Be BETTER At! {But Will Never Admit}

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Men are dropping the ball in the relationship department. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness, and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of  https://iamalpham.com/  https://aaronmarino.com/  https://peteandpedro.com/  https://www.tiege.com/and  https://enemy.com/ is going over things she wants you to do better. Men do the best to dazzle women when they’re first in the relationship, but then men get comfortable and lazy. Women want men to do these things better.

Don’t drop the ball with your relationship

  1. Listen but not solve problems — you don’t need to give advice. She simply wants you to listen.

  2. Compliment her — she wants to feel beautiful and amazing. Don’t wait for her to ask. It’s your job to make her feel desired.

  3. Go downtown on her — before going to 4th gear, you have to warm-up the engine. It starts with rolling downtown and turning on that sports car.

  4. Help around the house — she doesn’t want to be your momma, so take an active roll. Clean-up after yourself and do some of the things she usually does.

  5. Plan a date or special event — come up with a creative way to make her happy. It’s not as much of what you’re doing; it’s the fact that you thought of her and did something special for her.

  6. Let her know that you appreciate her — actions speak louder than words. Let her know on a regular basis, not just special occasions.

  7. Tell her that you are proud of her — don’t act like a jerk when you’re out with your friends, you defend her & stand-up for her, you don’t check-out the other spicy senoritas walking around, you are going to be respectful & responsible. Be her rock.