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Supermom Syndrome: What It Is & Signs You Have It | BabyGaga

All are . From , the home, and a career, mothers juggle a lot of balls in the air most of the time. Mothers have multitasking down to a science and make what seems impossible, possible. And while doing this can be overwhelming at times, some mothers take their job as a mom to a whole other level. When this happens, they have what is known as supermom syndrome but not all mothers realize the signs they have it.

When a woman becomes a mom, so comes the territory of feeling like having to do everything to ensure that it is done on time and right. Over time, however, this feeling begins to subside and responsibilities begin to get delegated to others. When this happens, there is less pressure felt to have to do everything.

But what about the mothers who never learn to do this? They, unfortunately, consistently wind up having too much on their plate for any one person to accomplish and never feel satisfied with what they have accomplished. And because of this, they feel a variety of emotions as a result.


Here is what supermom syndrome is and signs that you may have it.

Plain and simple, supermom syndrome is when a mother takes on ALL the responsibilities of the children, the home, and work, all while refusing to ask for any help. Even when completely exhausted, the supermom mom refuses to give up tasks. No matter how small the tasks may be, she believes that if someone else does them, not only will they not be done right but that she is not fulfilling her job as a mother.

According to , supermom syndrome can apply to all moms, regardless of whether they are stay-at-home or working mothers. It just looks a bit different depending on which track in life a mother followed.

For example, many stay-at-home moms feel like because they do not contribute monetarily to the household, they have to do all of the housework and yard work while raising young children. These mothers make sure their babies and are involved in every activity and have all of the newest educational items to make sure they are the best little ones they can be.

The working mothers, on the other hand, may refuse to let anyone but herself take care of the kids after work. This is because she feels like since she has been away from the children all day, it is her responsibility to make sure their every need is tended to by her. Be this activities, playtime, nighttime routines - all of it is completed by the mom.

All moms tend to exhibit some of the signs of having supermom syndrome from time to time. However, for those who truly have it, according to the , there will be constant emotions that do not seem to decrease with intensity over time, which the publication calls the "ABCDEF's of depression."

While the supermom feels like she has to take on everything herself, she tends to feel anger towards those that she does not see as pitching in to help. Because others are not cleaning, taking care of the kids, or just being productive in general, anger rears its ugly head. As such, resentment can begin to build as a result.

When something is done that is not done the way the supermom would have done it, blame is cast on that person for causing more work to undo what has been done.

Blame can also be dolled out when the supermom feels like she did not get all of her goals accomplished because she did not have enough assistance from others in the household.

The supermom does not like criticism, constructive or not. She feels attacked not for what she has done but for what she has not been able to accomplish. And when people step in to help out, she feels like there is judgment attached to that help for not getting the task done on her own.

When goals are not met daily, depression can set in. This is because the supermom feels like all other mothers can do the tasks she sets out to do. And not only are they getting it all done but making it look easy while they do it.

Taking the weight of the world on their shoulders daily leads those with supermom syndrome to feel overwhelmed with  more often than not. This is because, according to , mothers by nature do not take time for themselves. When you couple that with feeling like everything has to be done by the supermom, it is a rare day that she feels recharged and ready to go.

Frustration can be felt for any number of reasons by the supermom.

Be it not getting everything done, watching others not be as productive, not feeling like a present parent, and more. The list goes on and on.

First and foremost, the realization has to come that no mother can do it all. It takes a village to raise children; remember? As such, those who suffer from supermom syndrome need to let go of having to do everything alone.

According to , the first thing that mothers need to do is prioritize what really needs to be done. Those are the goals that should be accomplished in a day. Not everything is essential to making the family happy and healthy.

It is also important to remember who the woman is behind the person being the supermom.

Women need to carve out time for themselves, to recharge and feel present when they spend time with the family, according to the publication. As such, mothers need to find out what completes them as a person and not be defined only as a career mother or stay-at-home mother when their interests are so much broader than that.


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