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Breast Implants & Breastfeeding: What You Need To Know | BabyGaga

Women who have gotten before getting pregnant many wonder if their ability to be able to breastfeed has changed. After all, when it boils down to it, breast implants are a foreign object in the body. And because they are in the very location where women perceive their milk supply to be, there is a fear that unless they remove the implants, they will not be able to breastfeed. But before any rash decisions are made, it is important to know some simple facts about breast implants and .

The decision to get breast implants is different for every woman. Be it the need for different types of reconstructive surgery or the desire to boost confidence, whatever the reason, it is the right decision for that woman. And because some women have surgery before they think about having children, thoughts about how breast implant surgery will impact do not come to mind. It is only when pregnant that those questions begin to form and as a result, questions about what to do with the implants.


Here is what you need to know when it comes to breast implants and .

One of the biggest questions that women have before breastfeeding with implants is whether it is safe. The answer is, yes.

According to , breastfeeding with implants is completely safe. Even if the implant were to leak, the level of toxicity is "low." And this is the case in both saline and silicone implants.

As such, mothers with breast implants do not need to worry about being contaminated at any point during their breastfeeding journey.

Breast implants in and of themselves do not inhibit the ability to breastfeed. The chemistry of the silicone or saline implant does not do anything to interfere with the production of breast milk.

With that being said, the position of the implant may put some pressure on the milk ducts. If this happens, the supply may be impacted. In most cases, according to , the implants are placed behind the milk glands or under the chest muscles which would not affect the milk supply.

However, if a woman has opted for larger implants, there may not be as much space in the pocket where the implant has been placed. And when this happens, it is possible that the milk supply would not be as plentiful as it would be without the implant.

When breastfeeding with breast implants, many wonder if the shape of the implant will change as a result of breastfeeding. The shape of the implant will not. However, like women without implants, there is a very real chance that the shape of the breast will change after breastfeeding has come to an end.

According to , breasts change shape as a result of breastfeeding because of the milk supply increasing and decreasing over the course of the day. Because of this, when women are done with breastfeeding, many experience "drooping" of their breasts.

And while the implant may still keep a more uplifted shape to the breast than one that does not have an implant, the look of the breast will change with breastfeeding.

There is a possibility that a woman's milk supply will be affected by breast implant surgery. However, this is the case of any type of augmentation done to the breasts, implants or not.

According to the , when women undergo breast augmentation, there is a very real risk that the milk supply women would have had when breastfeeding can be drastically decreased. And the reason behind that, according to the publication is that during surgery, the milk ducts can be cut and nerves can be damaged.

When this happens, the milk supply may just be slightly decreased. However, there is also the possibility that breast milk will need to be supplemented with formula as well. And unfortunately, this is not something that women will know until they begin breastfeeding.

Very few women think about how a breast implant is going to impact their milk supply when they get implants before having children. Because of this, the incision site is likely not discussed in regards to future breastfeeding unless the surgeon brings up the topic during a consultation.

While there are several ways to perform breast implant surgery, some are more conducive to breastfeeding than others.

According to , there are two ways that women should have breast implant surgery done to have the best chances at breastfeeding. They include:

Armpit: When this technique is done, the incision occurs near the armpit. Not only is the scar nearly invisible, the "glandular tissue and nerves" remain intact throughout the process.

Under the breast: To place the implant, an incision is made under the breast. This means that for most when the incision is healed the scar cannot be seen.

As with the armpit technique, the glandular tissue and nerves are not touched. As such, future milk production should not be impacted.

For those who want to breastfeed in the future, according to the publication, breast implants inserted through the belly button or around the nipple should be avoided to keep damage to the milk ducts and nerves to a minimum.


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